Reaching 60 in World of Warcraft (finally)

This weekend was pretty productive when it came to MMOs, and I had a great time which is always an added bonus. It started off with me doing some dungeon runs in world of warcraft on my priest. I’ve been pretty eager to reach level 60 (for obvious reasons) but even before that I was trying to inch my way to 58 so that I could finally experience some new zones and all of this fantastic gear I kept hearing about. Dungeons are pretty stressful to me, even though I’ve been playing healers for quite some time. I have no idea why, I don’t find myself stressing nearly so much in EQ2, and I’m not sure why I care so much in games about how well I’m doing. I mean, it’s supposed to be a game, right?

Dire Maul was relaxed and easy, but then I headed to another zone (pictured above) and while the group started out wonderful (seemingly) with a rogue who was pointing us in ‘all the right places’ the truth of the matter is that they were there for one particular kill. So they lead us to that kill (ignoring the vast majority of the zone) and when their item didn’t drop they bailed on the group. None of us had been there before and the experience quickly turned frustrating. We stuck with it and managed to complete the zone after a few mishaps, but it was still a sour experience for me personally. I’m still trying to find my ‘niche’ as a healer, it’s difficult when the groups are so much different then what I’m used to. in EQ2, things are orderly, and I have a lot of group heals for the times when they are not. In WoW I don’t have nearly the same affect with my group heals, and it seems like everyone is constantly running off on their own and pulling mobs towards the group. So instead of a group with one tank, I have four tanks to keep healed at the same time, and while normally I’m a fairly good judge on my tank and I can ‘tell’ almost like a 6th sense when I need to cast a heal in order to prevent a death, in WoW I find that a lot harder to judge. I’m sure it will come with time, and maybe I’m being too hard on myself, but I pride myself on playing my characters very well, and having people die in a group (be it their fault or mine) is not something I enjoy.

After two instance runs myself and Manos (troll warrior) were ready to head to that magical portal that would take us to better gear upgrades – and more levels. I was excited. Sure, burning crusade is an old expansion now, but I have never stepped into the zone, despite having owned it for a few years.

Well, they certainly weren’t kidding about the gear upgrades. It was great. Everything was an upgrade. In a few hours we both managed to inch our way to level 60 – my highest level character in all my years of playing.

Of course WoW wasn’t the only game I played this weekend, and I’ll make sure to post about those other experiences in my next post this morning. It was still a fantastic milestone for me to reach, and I’m quite happy about it. Now I just need to work on my tailoring and enchanting, earn some more cash for mounts (I decided to dual spec the priest in a dps and heal spec, so I’m quite broke) and I’ll be set.

I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend no matter where they found themselves, and happy gaming!

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  1. Brian Inman says:

    The gear is great, but the first few zones in BC did nothing for me. I hated those serpents or snakes in Hellfire Peninsula. I almost ragequit just from those one night. I did like the STV like zone in BC, but I don’t remember the name any more. Anyways enjoy your new adventures, and greens > epics at level 60.

  2. Big grats on hitting 60! :)

  3. Tipa says:

    Grats on 60! Dang it’s hard to type on a bus….

  4. Longasc says:

    You will love flight. Even more so the epic flying mounst, I found the “basic” one to be annoyingly slow (epic ground mounts are faster).

    I hope you don’t get overrun by hordes of levelling Dork Knights. Outland was quite fun, they dumbed it down a bit and now people only want to do instances in a hurry. This is a bit sad. I dare to say levelling in WOTLK was maybe cooler, but the enjoyment of dungeons of Outland > those of Northrend.

    I wish you and Manos a lot of fun in Outland! :)

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