How important are your Guild Hall Amenities?

EQ2 guild halls are wonderful things. Not only do they provide your guild with a central gathering place, but they come with a lot of perks that are based on guild levels. Each five levels you’re granted either two or three amenity slots, and then you can select your chosen amenity from a huge list of options in the guild hall window (which is at the door of your hall). My guild is still fairly small, we bounce around from game to game and we’re rarely online these days – which is explained ahead of time to anyone who joins. When we ARE all around, it’s really nice. I like to make sure that the amenities are updated and that guild hall rent is still paid, and we’re still leveling – although very slow at the moment. I expect this to change once Sentinel’s Fate comes out in February.

We have 15 amenity currently, ranging from the very basic (broker, banker, merchant) to some that are purely cosmetic (the mannequin npcs can all be dressed in outfits of our choosing). I love the number of options we have, and the fact that no guild hall is exactly like any other – especially since we all decorate them to our specific unique desires. Being able to decorate an entire guild hall is a wonderful thing, you can put your guild triumphs on display via guild trophies, and even if you’re a roleplay guild, you can put book collections on display, and build elaborate taverns, or anything else your heart desires.

I like that guild halls can cater to any type of player. If you’re a crafter there are craft related amenity. If you’re a raider, there are raid related. If you’re a roleplayer, there are rp related (npcs who can sell drinks etc). It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend your time in EQ2, if you’ve got a guild hall, you’re in good company.

Of course they also come with an expense, in time, money, and status. It takes time to level a guild to the 30+ that’s required to purchase a hall. It takes plat to purchase amenity, as well as keep the upkeep paid. It also costs status as a weekly cost for amenity and the hall (though there is no status cost to purchase a hall initially).

What are some of your favorite EQ2 guild hall amenity? What could you simply not live without? One of my favorites would have to be the druid porters. Being able to port around Norrath from the comforts of my hall (especially when the recall to guild button is up every 15 minutes) is something that I REALLY miss if I’m on an alt outside of guild. Using the bells within the hall to travel to Shattered Lands destinations is another amenity that I just hate being without.

How about everyone else?

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  1. Jodith says:

    It’s definitely the harvest depot. It’s made my crafting life so much easier now that I don’t have to constantly transfer back and forth between characters desperately trying to find that one kind of component I need to make something.

  2. Paken says:

    Heya All,

    My other pet project was soloing a guild to 50 on Najena called Aimless Wanderers. It is currently 47.85 and is due to ding 50 in 5 max.

    Here are the amenties in order of importanace for my little project guild;

    1. Guild Hall Call – lvl 30
    2. Druid Portal – lvl 30
    3. Shattered Bells – lvl 30
    4. Banker – lvl 30
    5. Broker – lvl 30
    6. Merchant – lvl 35
    7. Mender – lvl 35
    8. Harvest Box – lvl 40
    9. Rush Order Writ – lvl 40
    10. Fuel Merchant – lvl 40
    11. MailBox- lvl 45
    12. Gatherer1 – lvl 45 – Upkeep is a little under 3pp at this point.
    13. Gatherer2 – lvl 50
    14. Gatherer3 – lvl 50
    15. Hall Guards – lvl 50

    FYI and enjoyment.

  3. Lysari says:

    Harvest depot… I could not survive without that anymore. The glorious amounts of bag space saved by that delightful device. I do love my druid also.

  4. Kasul says:

    I don’t think you can count out the usefulness of the hireling you can sell things to, especially since they will give you status for any of the four types of items. The harvest box is amazing, just for the bank space it frees up… and being able to craft using the materials in it without pulling them out is the best.

    A well equipped guild hall is so useful!

  5. Gothun says:

    Training dummies, hands down. Trying to parse 10k+ as a dirge with no buffs is hard.

  6. Alik Steel says:

    My top 5 list or What I like the basic starter package.
    I think you get 5 to start…

    1) Call to Guild Hall (what’s the point if every one has to run there.)

    2) Mariner’s Bell: Shattered Lands (This will help you get started in your fast and easy travel)

    3) Druid Person Portal thing (This will also help you get started in your fast and easy travel)

    4) World Market Broker (Got to sell something to make something)

    5) Bank (You have to put all that something some where)

    There is othere’s that I would put, But really, What ever your first five was, I think should be your top 5 or what ever. If they are not, Why did you add them to your guild first?

  7. David says:

    I like the combination of fuel merchant, harvesters, harvest box, and writ giver. This makes grinding out crafting writs so much simpler.

  8. Caladwen says:

    I love the druid porter, bells and spires being in the same location/hall and not having to zone to use them. Makes for easy travel! The harvesting supply depot is also a great feature, since it’s a centralized supply and would prevent logging on 5 different alts to find out who has those crafting supplies. :)

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