How did you spend your bonus xp weekend?

Both EQ and EQ2 were lucky enough to have received bonus experience this weekend, 40% was the magic number on EQ2. I decided to dive into game and take advantage of it, and I’m really glad I did. I still had high hopes of getting my inquisitor to 80 before Sentinel’s Fate comes out, but it was beginning to look like that may not happen. She had been sitting at level 72 with no plans of getting anywhere fast.

Last night I was lucky enough to get a group with another motivated bunch of Paradise Lost, and we headed to Crypt of Valdoon in Loping Plains, and then off to Mistmoore Catacombs, and then Castle. Before hand I had gained one level in Sebilis. When two hours had passed and the group was breaking up so that people could get ready for raids, my little inquisitor had reached 75. I’ve got a total of 18 hours on her, maybe 19 now because I spent the rest of my evening working on her crafting (20 sage). I was exceptionally pleased to get her to 75, that’s the magical number of shard running. She now qualifies to do the quests for TSO missions, although I’ll have to wait until 79 to grab the daily double.

That wasn’t the only area I spent my bonus experience in though, of course not. I also worked on my (2nd) alchemist and my weaponsmith, getting them each from 20 to 30 in an hour. It helps that I’ve already got max level crafters, so not only was I receiving the 40% server bonus, I had vitality (doubles the experience), and 50% bonus from max level characters, and 55% bonus from a potion or two. Ah yes, if only every day could be server bonus day!

What about everyone else? I expect that levels were probably gained pretty much everywhere in celebration of this bonus, but perhaps I’m wrong! Let me know how you spent your weekend, I’m always eager to hear!

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  1. Currently, 4 levels of tailor (now 54), 5 levels of sage (now 41), 18 levels of alchemist (now 27), and a brand new Weaponsmith up to 21 (said newbie is also in her early teens as a SK, prolly hitting 20 tonight). I may squeeze out an additional level or so of each tonight (I can claim 50 total crafting levels if I can fit another two dings in somewhere).

    (In case it isn’t obvious, I prefer to focus on crafting on bonus weekends. My adventuring tends to outpace my crafting without any added bonuses.)

  2. Kelly says:

    I was so close to 80 on my bruiser that I was able to finish that off easily with the bonus exp before I went to bed Friday night. I spent the rest of the weekend doing quests on my bruiser for AA exp and leveling up my lowbie provisioner on another character. I love bonus exp weekends!!

  3. David says:

    I spent much of the weekend on my mid-40s Coercer. I am exploring the revised content in Lavastorm and Everfrost and do not want to out level the content. Thus, I had him level locked and took the bonus in a rush of AA which allowed him to gain Coercive Healing. I did allow one level gain to take advantage of a nice item that dropped whilst I quested.

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