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Even after playing for over five years, there are still things I’m learning about EQ2 every day – and I love that aspect of the game. I love that things are constantly changing and evolving, and that while I do know a lot of things, I certainly don’t know everything.

Like yesterday, I learned that there’s a way to tell whether your harvesters are done collecting or not. I suppose I just had not looked at them close enough. When they’re waiting for supplies to come back, they pace and tap their foot impatiently. Once the supplies are back (or when they’re not currently assigned to harvest goods) they stand still. No more guessing whether or not the two hour time limit has gone by before you hail them and send them in search of more goods.

There are a lot of other little tidbits of information that don’t exactly come readily available to some players, a few that stick out in my mind I’ll post here. If you know of another little ‘did you know’ bit of information, then please feel free to leave it in a comment below! It’s always great to share these pearls of wisdom.

– Did you know you an assign chat channels to whatever number sequence you’d like? Making sure that the number you want to use is not taken (/channellist) you can /setchannelnumber old new (where old and new are the actual numbers) and re-assign them to your preferences.

– Did you know there are ‘new’ wizard spire options for travel? When you’re standing at a spire move to the center and look up. You’ll see a spinning vortex that (when selected) lists other shattered lands locations not previously listed. Wizards also have these locations attached to their spire spells.

– Did you know you can easily search for shinies on the broker by opening your quest journal and the broker (keeping both open) and simply clicking on a piece you’d like to search for from the journal? No more having to type out long names of collection pieces. Nice!

– Did you know that you can mentor someone in your group without them being in the same zone as you? Simply type /mentor when you’re in a group with them and it will pop up a window for you to select from.

– Did you know there are more then two ways to stop mentoring someone? You can leave the group (or they can), you can type /unmentor, or you can right click on your name on the UI (not the one in the group window, but the one in the target window) and select the unmentor option.

There are plenty of other wonderful pieces of information out there, and I love the fact that I’m still learning.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! I’ll see you in Norrath.

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  1. Akely says:

    – If you type /camp CharacterName you don’t have to chose character at the character screen but instead go directly to that character.

    – If you just hit the Return key and then use the up and down arrows you scroll through your previous messages/commands.

    – You can set the Voice Chat talk button to almost any key. If you have a mouse with software that allows you to bind mouse buttons to keys (Logitech do, for instance) then you can bind that talk key to your mouse. (Or any other key for that matter.)

    – Wonder how Stargrace takes all those nice screenshots? Use the F10 key to hide your user interface. You can also set the image quality in the game settings.

    – There is a setting in the game that allows you to decide how far you can zoom out from your character.

    – The Mirror of Reflected Achievements lets you save a (as in one) Alternate Achievement set up. You can the re-do the one you have. When you again use the Mirror the new one is save and the one in the mirror loaded. You CAN have more than one mirror.

    That’s all I can think of tight now.

  2. Nikadaimon says:

    I discovered by accident after a few months of playing that there is an ‘auto-move’ (or whatever they call it) for you chars, so you dont have to keep pushing your up-arrow (or ‘w’) all the time ;)

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