Exploration, Still the Best Game Around

Dasie (templar pictured above) was lucky enough to get her first piece of T4 gear last night, some boots from Miragul’s Planar Shard. No, I didn’t raid with her, but the boots weren’t needed by anyone else so I was allowed to scoop them up. I’ve pretty much ‘decided’ (as much as I ever decide anything) that I’ll be playing the templar when Sentinel’s Fate comes out (at least on the Oasis server) and it’s made focusing much easier. She doesn’t have 200aa yet, so I’m working on that as I make my way through achievements, and harvest.

I spent most of yesterday (off and on) wandering through Pillars of Flame which is an absolutely incredible looking zone off of Sinking Sands. I love exploring. It’s one of my favorite things to do in any game, whether I have been to the zone before or not. There’s always something that I haven’t looked at before, and something I notice that maybe I didn’t see the first 100 times through.

Games that act as visual treats for me are keepers. No, that’s not ALL I need in a game to keep me there, but it’s one of the higher factors. If I’m looking at a game that’s visually appealing to me chances are I’ll stick around longer and see past the ‘bugs’ that may be there (ie: Vanguard any one?) more so then a game that just doesn’t appeal to me on that level.

After the game was done patching first thing in the morning, I logged in my Inquisitor to see how the xp changes affected her. When I had logged her out previously she was just a little into 75 (and I was excited about being able to do TSO instances for shards) and when I logged in yesterday she was 147% through her level. I decided to complete a level 1 collection quest (since she had completed none) and she dinged 76, and 47% through that level. That character is on the back burner for now while I concentrate on my templar, but it was still nice to get some ‘free’ experience due to the changes in the curve.

Aside from that, it was a fairly quiet day! I spent some time doing the Moonlight Enchantments that are in game, got a few new shinies, which is always wonderful.

I hope everyone else has a fantastic Thursday, no matter what realm you find yourself in. Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Longasc says:

    I was amazed at the STO patch. One wonders why they hold back the much more polished state of the game until they alreay pissed of a lot of people.

    But back to EQ2 – yup, exploration is what makes MMOs so great. At least it is a major factor for me, too.

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