Are you a leader or a follower?

The screen shot was taken in West Freeport. I found it incredibly amusing that about 20 NPC were bunched together, and in front of them stood this cat, staring directly at the group. I could only imagine what it was thinking, and I decided with all of the recent turmoil in Freeport (Lucan D’Lere being trapped in the void, the citadel collapsing and what not) they had probably decided that the Thexians were out and they are now in. That’s how it played out in my mind in any case.

The general concept got me thinking about leaders and followers in MMOs, and whether or not everyone fit into those categories. I consider myself a follower. I enjoy doing whatever someone else wants to do and I don’t really like to take control of a situation. I’m content to play my class (and play it well) and learn of course, but when it comes right down to say, leading a group through a dungeon, it’s not a position I fit into very well. When it comes to looking for a group I am far more likely to join a group already searching for more players then I would be to start my own from scratch.

Now the problem comes when too many people are followers and no one wants to be the one to take control of a situation. Whether it’s simply because they’re not comfortable with the game or they’re just not comfortable leading others around it doesn’t really matter.

I don’t have this issue of course when I’m playing by myself. In that instance I’m the one in control, and I find it quite easy to think of what I want to do and how to go about it. When there’s something I need I have no issues leading my friends through it (TSO Chapter quests anyone? Epic weapon quests anyone?) it just seems to be with strangers that I have this ‘deflection mode’ set up.

So which are you, a follower or a leader? A combinati0n of the two perhaps? Are there even more options on these very basic roles within our MMOs? Let me know below!

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath.

7 Responses to Are you a leader or a follower?

  1. Akely says:

    Leading is a fluid thing for me. I’m often the one “keeping it together”, and that is what leadership is to me. It has nothing to do who is the group/raid leader. It has everything to do with helping the rest of the players to be as effective as possible and to have as fun as possible. Good leadership is often tied directly to the will to having a good overall grasp of situations. To be able to see what needs to be done and pull the strings to make it happen. It has little to do with bossing people around, unless the situation so require (and in a game it very seldom does). To adapt to the situation is a must: let the guy that knows the zone best lead the way, make sure the quietest members opinions is heard. Creating a healthy group environment, or Guild environment for that matter is the main thing, the rest will follow.

    Oh dear, I went all complicated and serious. Sorry. :-)

  2. mythokia says:

    Quite similar to how I am going about my daily routines, I tend to prefer more of an adviser role. I like to contribute ideas but would prefer if someone were to be the one implementing them. Still, I’ll step up to save the sinking ship if I have to.

  3. stargrace says:

    @Wiqd – no, I just happen to post at 5am most mornings, and I’m lucky if my eyes are 0pen (see what I did there?!) wide enough to actually read what I type. If you’re looking for spelling and grammar you’ve come to the wrong site. =p

  4. Wiqd says:

    Are you trying out l33t speak? I am, of course, talking about your use of the zero in place of the letter O in “combinati0n” in one of your final statements: “A combinati0n of the two perhaps?” :P

  5. Kevin says:

    I’m for sure a follower when it comes to MMOs. I spend all day at work leading, so it’s nice to escape and let someone else make the decisions and do the coordination. :D

  6. Magson says:

    I prefer to follow, but have no problem “stepping up” to lead if necessary. Or if I’m the tank.

  7. I’m definitely more of a follower, with some leader tendencies emerging as needed dependent on the situation. :)

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