Vanguard Screenshots

I really can’t do the game justice. It’s simply amazing. Take some time to peek at the screen shots, and it’s not hard to see why I love this game.

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  1. Brian Inman says:

    They had the best profession Lumberjacking. It was so sweet to chop down trees. It was so realistic.

  2. Jeremy S. says:

    I’ve said it before, the game looks awesome, I’ve bought it, and can’t wait to play(again…waiting for that better graphics card).

    Mind if I ask what settings you play on? low, medium-low, medium…?

  3. Magson says:

    I’ve still got screenies I took in the closed beta. They’re just too good to give up. . . .

  4. Angry Gamer says:

    The scenery was nice, but the character models were god awful

  5. BoonSmith says:

    Vanguard’s art Direction (the late Keith Parkinson) was spot on. It is a a game with grand vistas and views, one that has a oil painting feel to them and one that I wish SoE would do something more than just cater to a few thousand die hard fans. I would say that SoE should do what Turbine did with DDO and make it free to play with micro transactions. Just a waste to see such beauty go for the most part to waste.

  6. Wiqd says:

    I was always taken aback by the environment in Vanguard. I spent many hours just standing atop cliffs or next to the ocean.

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