Lets Talk Dungeons

Everyone has their favorite dungeon, just like we all have our favorite zone. Maybe it’s that zone we’ve done a million times looking for an elusive piece of gear, or maybe it’s a zone that dropped everything we’ve ever wanted. For me personally, it’s zones that challenge the group – and also look amazing. Of course, I have to be with the right group of people to enjoy these places. I rarely PUG, not because I don’t enjoy meeting new people (I do) but mostly because I dislike it when others tell me how to do my job (who barely know what my ‘job’ is) or when I seem to get stuck with a group of people who have no idea what they’re doing so I end up dying 10 times on the first pull while they blame the healer (me).

I have really bad luck with dungeons, I always have. My saying is that if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. That healer shield that supposedly drops from Obelisk of Ahkzul? I’ve never seen it. I’ve ran that zone so many times I couldn’t begin to count, and that shield has evaded me every single time. It has overloaded heals on it, which is why I want it. Have wanted it, for over a year now.

The charm that drops in Kurn’s Tower is another one of those ‘never dropping’ items – though I do have that one on my mystic. It refuses to drop for any other healer of mine. Don’t even get me started on those charms in the Jarsath Wastes EA.

What about everyone else? Have a favorite dungeon story you’d like to share? Have you also been doing them over and over searching for that last piece of gear that will make your character complete?

Let me know below!

4 Responses to Lets Talk Dungeons

  1. RichY says:

    Kedge Keep for me, a truly amazing & terrifying zone as my Bard waiting for Coralyn Kelpmaiden
    (I was after my Sharkskin Drum) & loved every minute of it. It didn’t really feel like camping, I got to relax which was quite novel for a Bard.

  2. Kilanna says:

    Adore the Estate of Unrest – love the atmosphere – love the story. Still like that zone.

    I still remember tanking Bugaboo on my Pally :)

  3. Borgio says:

    When I think about dungeons my memories are instantly snapped back to Dark Age of Camelot and the first time I visited the Tomb of Mithra. This was the low level dungeon on the Albion side, my first experience in there with another Armsman as we slowly worked our way in, guarding each other before we eventually pulled a Purple+++ mob and got smashed. Good times.

    I also loved Despise in Ultima Online, I spent soooo many hours training my skills on Earth Elementals when this was first released.

    As for EQ2 my fave dungeon right now is probably Maidens, its short and got enough differing encounters to keep it interesting.

  4. Ferrel says:

    Back in the glory days (EQ1) my friend Khallid was camping the Shin Lord in Upper Guk trying to get a ghoulbane for me. He had been there hours soloing the frogs. Dresden decided he would go and “help” at some point. Just before Dresden arrived the Lord spawned and it had a ghoulbane! Khallid started the fight knowing full well he would win. Unfortunately just about that time Dresden came steam rolling in with every Froglok from zone in to the Lord. I believe he managed to type “help” before dying. Khallid was dead shortly after. Ah memories… ^_^

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