Sentinel’s Fate NDA Drops

Of course by now we’ve all heard the news that the NDA for Sentinel’s Fate has dropped – and with it comes a flood of excitement as we learn about all the goodies headed our way. I had the privilege to partake on a tour With Kiara and Timetravelling mid January, and we had a blast!

I’m looking forward to posting more information about the expansion as the days get closer to the live release – and I’ve also got a preview in the next Beckett MOG Issue #24 that hits stores at the end of March, so be on the look out for that (There are also articles on Wizard 101, Fallen Earth, and Aion that I’ve written in that issue).

I have to say one of the very basic things that appeals to me right from the get go is the absolutely astounding graphics in this expansion. I’m more excited about those then all of the level cap increases, dungeons, battlegrounds, stat revamps, and crafting additions combined.

What about everyone else?

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  1. Necrotherian says:

    According to this post at Zam it isn’t coming in till at least update 56. Specifically:

    “In other news, we learned that both Shaders 3.0 and New Halas will be delayed until Game Update 56, for which we do not yet have an ETA.”

    Just FYI

  2. tuvogg says:

    The Shader 3.0 has still not been activated on Beta, so any screenshots are using 2.0 like live. It has still not been confirmed whether 3.0 will be enabled with SF

  3. Wow, those screenshots are amazing! I’m so glad to see EQ2 looking as hot as it should be. I quite liked DoF, didn’t like KoS much, loved EOF and ROK but didn’t like The Shadow Odyssey much at all. Sentinel’s Fate is starting to look very, very nice though and may well tempt me back into EQ2. It’ been about 8months since I left and this is the first time I’ve felt the pull to return.

  4. Other than the new content (which is very pretty), I think I’m most excited about the removal of the first row of the Class AA trees. Many classes could really use a few extra CA’s while leveling, but it just wasn’t feasible to sink 4 points into pre-requisites to unlock the CA in a tree that you weren’t planning on using.

  5. Rob says:

    I pre-ordered the collector’s edition last weekend, even though my highest level character is only in his 30s, and only level 20 since creating a new ranger on AB. Lord knows when I will actually see any of this new content, yet I am excited about the release. Why? I dunno. I guess it is just the general buzz and excitement over the game in general. Busy, happy players in the game means a better time for me, even at lower levels. Plus, all the stories that will come out about the new content will help drive me to keep playing and get to that level myself.

    Though I am playing mostly on the AB server right now, I also have characters on Guk if anyone wants some companionship. :)

  6. Pete S says:

    That’s the Shader 3 thing, or something?

    Anyway not an EQ2 player at the moment, but I love that Picasso widget!!

  7. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    I know next to nothing about the new expansion, but Sentinel’s Fate bring with it a graphical upgrade with it as well? If so that would be great!

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