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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – or if you’re in EverQuest II, Erollisi Day. There are temporary quests in game that you’ll want to make sure you take a peek at for rewards like nifty house items, dance moves, and even pets that will trail around after you. My first stop was North Qeynos, where there is an npc by the claymore (I won’t give everything away) with a new quest for me. Then I headed to Antonica, where a Priestess of Love directed me on where to go next. One of my favorite quests is back in Antonica as well. It’s a racing game, where you’re set against other players (you need at least three to sign up) and have to race around Antonica in search of hearts to harvest. The player who gathers the most hearts in the time frame allotted wins some awesome house item prizes like glass vases of flowers that have long been a favorite. The problem is when there are no any other players around. It means you can’t sign up for the quests. Be sure to try to get some guild mates and friends to join you so that you all have a chance at the rewards!

Afterward I was sent to the Coastal Grove, for yet more quests. The rewards are different this year but also have a choice of rewards from previous years. The quests also give players Erollisi Tokens, which can be spent at vendors in home cities (mine are in Qeynos Harbor, and exceptionally hard to miss). These vendors also have three crafting books (a new one for this year and two older ones) that allow players to craft festive items, you can find a full list of them on EQ2 Traders Corner.

My inventory is quickly filling up with house items and goodies, not only has Frostfell ended recently, but Gorowyn also had a city festival, Kelethin had a city festival, and the Moonlight Enchantments were not that long ago. Oh, and isn’t there that expansion or something that’s on the way that’s sure to involve a lot more crafted house items as well as quest rewards? Where am I going to store all of this?!

I’m coming to the conclusion that my characters need to be able to own more then one home. Perhaps opening up some ‘cottage’ type areas where players can’t sell from but can still decorate and host parties or allow us to ‘flag’ houses for different uses. One could be the ‘market’ type home, another simply for visiting, another for a player run business, crafting, etc. Then again I know I’m just dreaming about things and I am looking for a solution to my item issue that doesn’t involve getting rid of any of the awesome housing bits I’ve gathered over five years.

Make sure you check out the events before they poof, get those craft books, and get the achievement for participating in the festival! I’m trying to earn that bauble that I saw in my achievement list, but there are still a good number of festivals that haven’t happened yet before I can get that.

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Lishian says:

    We need plots of land… including a house, a barn and a guest house.

  2. stargrace says:

    @Odius – I play the game at those settings, and even raid at those settings. I’m running an i7 with 8 gigs of ram, and an ATI Radeon HD 4800 (not top of the line). I get about 40-60fps on max settings with graphics that high.

  3. Odius says:

    Do you play the game at those settings or do you just change them for the pictures? Cause…it’s look real nice. I can’t move mor ethan 5 feet at a time on my rig at max settings on EQ2.

  4. Though I would like to have a second EQ2 house, the database implications are problematic. One extra house, with hundreds of items, is bad enough, but one extra house for all the alts of all the characters out there could kill the database pretty quickly. I heard an interview with Turbine on a podcast last week where they pointed out that it is much easier to add more shared storage (one box per account) than bigger bags on every character (including throwaway alts people rolled up once and never used again) for this reason. I’m sure that’s an even bigger problem in EQ2, with 36+ slot bags left and right, and storage for hundreds of items in player houses. I started decorating my house primarily because I ran out of bankspace to store all the housing items I was getting through quests in my banks. :)

  5. Longasc says:

    I also have by far too many housing items in LOTRO. And it actually turns my house from a home into a trophy show, which cannot and should not be the sole reason for housing to exist. Unfortunately it is, at least in LOTRO.

    I personally only get the more interesting thingies from each festival by now, as I simply cannot store all of the items, many even char bound to make things even more complicated.

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