If You Mess With One of Us…

While it may not be widely known yet, it’s only a matter of time. Anyone who messes with Tipa and becomes her arch nemesis, even in the blogging world, must incur the wrath of her entire guild.

Syp, consider this your first and last warning!

Those of us at Torrent Knights don’t take kindly to one of our own being picked on. Unlike you, Tipa comes with an arsenal of friends that she doesn’t have to pay for an evening of company.

Bring it on.

2 Responses to If You Mess With One of Us…

  1. Keen says:

    I love you EQ people. You’re the best! :D

  2. Odius says:

    I remember listening to Syp, Keen and Snaffy’s Chaos Cast while I was in Iraq. It’s a shame he became Tipa’s Arch Nemesis.

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