It’s 3am, What Should We Do?

Last night was a great night. It’s been a while since I had one quite so amusing. To start it off I was a guest on ‘View from the Top‘ a podcast about everything to do with guilds. It was my first time and I was exceptionally nervous, but I had a lot of fun in between my mindless rambling when I was just having a regular conversation with people who are passionate about games. It was suggested (and has been a few times) that I start my own podcast, and while the idea is appealing on some strange level, I just don’t think I’d be any good at it. I simply can’t find the appeal to anyone else listening to what I have to say (reading is another matter).

Afterward I was on quite a rush, almost like that feeling you get when you take down a raid encounter. It was midnight, and I was wide awake. As luck would have it, so were Calreth, Wpus, and Ultann from guild. I haven’t seen all of us logged in at one time in months. Literally. We decided to head to Shard of Hate which is a level 80-88 x4 raid zone in Nektulos Forest, and try our luck. With five of us (Ultann was boxing his inquisitor). That’s how my small casual guild works, and I love it. We knew there was no way we’d get that far, but it was still going to be epic to try.

Try we did. We actually managed to defeat Dreadlord D’Somni with just the five (four) of us. That in itself is not exactly scream worthy – but – this particular encounter has one very (annoying) unique feature. He rushes any mages, randomly, and of course they being the smushy classes that they are, die. Well, our small group of four quickly became a group of two, because two of our guild mates happen to be mages. That doesn’t mean they didn’t play a role! Wpus relogged to his berzerker which meant we now lacked power regen, and Calreth played interception. My mystic mythical allows me to click every 5 minutes (soon to be 10 after SF, thanks for changing that after 2 expansions SOE.. sigh) and regen power to the group so long as there is dps being done to the mob. Calreth would stand near the entrance of the zone and the named would go running off after him. We’d have a few glorious seconds to quickly try to regen some power and prepare for heals while Calreth sacrificed himself for the greater good of the guild. Over and over again.

This gave me enough time to re-cast my mythical, and try to feed us some power. I’ve never had such a glorious battle before. It was amazing. Those are the moments I personally treasure in EQ2.

We figured there wasn’t any way we were getting any further, so we decided on a spur of the moment decision to head to Deathtoll and continue our adventures there. Of course Deathtoll is like taking candy from a baby once you’ve managed to four person an 84 x4. Sadly, my eyeballs started drooping at around 4am, and we had to stop our adventures after killing the gnome and his books. So many books. The hovercraft didn’t drop either, but it was still fun.

Sleep? Bah. Who needs it.

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  1. Ferrel says:

    Thank you for being our guest! We really enjoyed having you. Your podcast is up now so you can listen!

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