What Were They Thinking?!

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Karen and Adam (who you guys may already know from Journeys with Jaye and Epic Slant) caught me off guard and asked if I’d be willing to guest on a podcast of theirs, View from the Top. Having never done a single podcast in my entire life (although I have lots of experience talking to myself, and the cat) I decided to face my fears of public speaking, and give it a shot. After all, what was the WORST that could happen (Princess could take the microphone and reveal all of my secrets). This was no easy task for me, but Karen threatened me sent Sith Lords after me held the cat ransom convinced me that no harm would come from it.

Please head on over to the link above and give it a listen. Also don’t forget to submit a question for their next shows, even though I have no intentions of ever doing another podcast, they do a fantastic job at answering!

Thank you again Karen and Adam for having me on the show, it really was a blast!

4 Responses to What Were They Thinking?!

  1. Ferrel says:

    I’m curious if people would listen to a podcast of a cat meowing. Youtube tells me yes.

  2. Blue Kae says:

    Nice job! The only disappointing part is where you claim not to be starting one of your own. :( You should think about Princess, I’m sure she wants to do one, you just need to help out.

  3. I’d listen to the Stargrace podcast Jaye’s calling for just for the accent. My first reaction when the show started was “Wait, is Stargrace Irish? Hm, I heard an “eh” in there, maybe that’s just a normal Canadian accent? Doesn’t quite sound like either Montreal or Toronto though…” The fact that the discussion was interesting was an added bonus. :)

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