Release of Sentinel’s Fate, Soon(tm)!

The live release of Sentinel’s Fate is only 3 hours away (if everything goes according to schedule, which we know rarely happens) and I decided to share some of the screen shots I took while playing in the beta. The first couple of screen shots may seem familiar as I’ve used them in a post already, but the final 26 are new. Enjoy, and happy gaming!

2 Responses to Release of Sentinel’s Fate, Soon(tm)!

  1. Paken says:


    Received notice that my CC failed and resulted in the shipping of my game to Quebec City !!! I might get it on the second day lol :((

    Anyway I spent the night in TELL HELL asking for my healer for groups :((

  2. Magson says:

    Looks purty! I am really trying to figure out a way to fit EQ2 back into my budget…….

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