1500th post – and Milestones

Wow. 1500 posts already. For me this is a HUGE milestone. I’ve been writing on MmoQuests.com for five years this year. FIVE years? That’s a life time in the online world. Hitting such a mark made me think about milestones, not just in real life but in our gaming atmospheres. Above is a screen shot from March 2006, it’s my very first guild (that I personally created), Fire and Ice on the … I can’t even remember which server. It’s either Najena or Lucan D’Lere. Satia was my character (a dark elf warden who I now play as Seduisant, having renamed when I moved servers multiple times). Our guild had just reached level 17, and it was such a proud moment. It was before we were even aware of the fire and ice quest that would take you to defeat Darathar and obtain your prismatic 1.0

Reaching these milestones in any capacity is an incredible feeling. Whether you’ve nailed a project at work, or reached a new level in a game. Whether you and your friends have done something incredible together, or you’ve finally made that big purchase you’ve always dreamed of. Reaching milestones makes us feel good about our situations (typically) and carrying this over into a video game is just one more aspect of allowing us to feel GOOD about things. Who wants to play a game where all you do is feel shoddy all of the time. We play them because we feel good, it’s entertaining.

I’m looking forward to reaching many more milestones as time goes on, and I hope everyone else reaches their milestones too. I’m still in awe at 1500 posts, haha.

Happy gaming everyone, I’ll see you in Norrath, Tranquility, The Spire, Telon, Middle Earth, Atreia, the American Grand Canyon, Hyboria, Azeroth, Tyria, Eberron, and numerous other places.

17 Responses to 1500th post – and Milestones

  1. Blue Kae says:

    Congratulations!!!! And that’s 15 comments on you 1500th post. :)

    I love symmetry.

    Looking forward to reading another 5 years worth.

  2. Caladwen says:

    Congratulations! Truly an awesome achievement! :)

  3. Gozad says:

    Congrats on the milestone!! Great work, and love reading your blog :)

  4. wilhelm2451 says:

    Congratulations on 1500! That is impressive, considering you don’t write nearly as much utter nonsense as I do!

  5. Pete S says:

    Woot! 1500 posts, congrats!

    Hey did you ever take the time to figure out roughly how many words that is? I wonder what MMO Quests would look like in book form? :)

  6. Fantastic, congratulations Star! Yes, I may not see you in Agon, but all those other worlds I will surely read and enjoy hearing of your adventures within them.

  7. Irked says:

    5 years, 1500 posts, but still Massively snubs you. Y’know why? You’re not acerbic enough. You need to start ranting and bitching and sniping at other bloggers, then you will have “made it” as a blogger.

    Oh course Petter made it onto their list and he’s not like that. He must’ve been their token “positive blogger.”

    And curiously, he’s the only one on Massively’s list of elite bloggers that I read.

  8. Kasul says:

    Congrats on five years and 1500 posts! What you’ve done with your blog is amazing, and I know I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next!

  9. Akely says:

    Well done! I can only agree with previous people. I like to add that I adore the way you manage to keep the posts personal and “unprofessional”. And by “unprofessional” I mean End Game Elitist.

    When will the podcast be published? :-P

  10. Big congratulations!! Very impressive milestone and well deserved! Love your blog :)

  11. Well done and congratulations !!
    I love reading your blog I check it everyday lol.
    I just hit 85 on my Conjuror and i’m having a blast SF knocks the spots of TSO in my opinion.
    Best wishes,

  12. Alik Steel says:

    Congratulation on 1,500 post, It’s mind blowing. I have loved reading your blog’s, comment’s, twitt’s, and of course your articles from the first time I came cross your stuff over a year or so ago.
    Here’s to another 1,500. We luv ya sweetie, Keep em com’in.

  13. Petter says:

    Indeed, congratulations!

  14. Longasc says:

    That’s impressive MMOultitasking. Maybe we will meet one day in the Tyria of the future. :)

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