A Second Adventurer Hits 90

The game is down for a good portion of the morning (ok it’s really only two hours) while battlegrounds get implemented (fingers crossed for smooth sailing) but last night my mystic hit level 90. I gained levels through a combination of things, grinding in the hole (which has become the new Palace of the Awakened) questing, and grinding in Sebilis. Laste night Kasul and I decided to mentor to 65 and head to The Nest, which granted a lot of experience, and then afterward I was about 30% to my level so we went to Palace of the Awakened. It was easier to grind in old world zones (although Desert of Flames is not THAT old world) then it was to fight through lag and other players in Sentinel’s Fate.

That means I’ve now got a 90 troubador and mystic, a 90 alchemist and jeweler. I don’t plan on leveling any more adventurers currently. Crafters on the other hand, I’d like to get them all to 90. I want to work on alternate advancement (aa) on the troubador because she is incredibly behind (I believe I’m sitting at 164 right now, which means when people ask for UT I just sigh at them) the mystic is in good standing. I may actually get some raid experience too, depending on how things go. We’ll see.

One thing a lot of people have been commenting on is the some what lack luster quests of Sentinel’s Fate. They involve a LOT of running around. Going to one npc, picking up a quest, going to the 2nd npc, who completes the quest and offers a new quest to go back to the first npc. Chains and chains of quests like these. There are a few good and entertaining stories, and I do enjoy working on faction but the running around can tend to wear a person down. Heritage quests? Yes Sentinel’s Fate has a few of these too, and while I’ve picked them up I haven’t actually taken it to the next step and worked on them. That will come with time I’m sure (especially since I need so many aa).

Now that it’s a little over a week into the expansion, how is everyone finding it? Are there particular dungeons you’re enjoying, or perhaps a chain of quests? Let me know!

Happy gaming, I’ll see you in Norrath.

5 Responses to A Second Adventurer Hits 90

  1. Grats on the latest 90! I’ll have to get a move on if I want to have a 90 Dirge on LDL before you do. ;)

    @Scary: You get AA for exploring locations (the “you have discovered X location” notice), killing named mobs (look for a little star by their name) you haven’t killed before, and completing level 10+ quests. You can and should spend them by pushing the L key to bring up “character development” and clicking over to the tabs for your class and subclass.

    Also, I’m somewhat concerned to hear that you’re currently exiled at such an early level on your first character. I’m hoping you did so intentionally because you wanted an evil class on a good race? (IMO, those quests should really have some sort of warning to make it clearer to the player that they’re going to get kicked out of their city for doing it, or at least should not be available at such an early level.) But yes, if you’re exiled and want to become a resident of Neriak (which could switch your class if you started out as a good character), working on that faction is the way to go.

  2. Scarybooster says:

    As you know, I am a noobie to EQ2. I was wondering, how do you get AA points. I have 3 at level 12 so far. I think I got 1 for becoming Exiled but I’m not sure. I play on LDL server and if anybody plays on there say hi to the noobie Yracs. I’mstill Exiled and working on faction with the city of Hate Nebiak (or something like that). Oh, and should I put points in stuff?

  3. Lishian says:

    want to level one of my toons? :)

  4. Ryver says:

    Congrats on your 4th class to 90.

    I agree that the constant back and forth during quests got old fast. I’m only at level 82. I’ve basically only done some solo quests in the first area. I tried to put together a group in the hole, but man, we were all lost ;) I’m hoping that the lag will subside before long and then I can get into a few groups for the lower of the dungeons. Anything to break up the constant running in these quests ;)

    Being a scout does help when I’m sent back to Paineel every 5th quest, but it is still annoying.

  5. rao says:

    I’ve only done one of the instances in Vasty Deep and it was fun, but I haven’t visited any other dungeons beyond that. I see groups daily in The Hole, but simply haven’t had the desire to go yet myself due to the lag. I have heard from several guildies that the Erudin Library is a ton of fun with several “Clue” like puzzles to solve along the way.

    I think my personal favorite locations so far have all been in the second outdoor zone. I find that area much more enjoyable than the Sundered Frontier, but that is just a personal opinion.

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