Games can have Bad Days Too

Games have bad days, just like people, go figure.

That’s what I learned yesterday in spades, as EQ2 had probably one of the worst days I’ve ever seen in the game. It was horrible.

To start it off, the game was taken down for what was supposed to be a two hour downtime to implement battlegrounds, and turned into an almost 6 hour downtime. Now if you’ve played any sort of MMO for any amount of time you’re probably already used to this as extended downtimes happen. For those who are not aware, battlegrounds were supposed to go live on the 23rd with Sentinel’s Fate but were held back two extra days for fine tuning. Apparently not tuned enough.

If you were one of the first people into the battlegrounds when the servers came up you’re probably regretting it now. Upon leaving the battlegrounds players lost all alternate advancement over 200, as well as levels in both crafting and adventuring if you were below level 90 and had made any progress. Instead of doing rollbacks, those people affected were told to send in a petition so that they could be adjusted by hand, and we all know how fast those get answered. My guild leader on Oasis was fuming, to say the least. As of yet he still has not gotten an answer back. Thankfully it was an ‘off night’ and raids were not being planned, or else it would have been a lot worse.

If the bad news had of stopped there it would have been an ok day none the less, but it wasn’t. Players who were looking for quest updates that drop from chests were out of luck, as every single chest that dropped a quest piece was opened to be found – empty. If you were working on a particular heritage quest found in Sentinel’s Fate no doubt you were very angry when the quest pieces refused to drop. I had about 15 empty boxes drop for me before I just decided to ignore them.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though! Battlegrounds did go in, and they’re interesting. Sure, your entire guild spams you with ‘log in’ and ‘log out’ messages because it ports you to a different server, but apparently they can also be quite fun. The new adornment recipes also made it in game, as well as the new tinkering recipes. Personal harvest box? Yes please!

I worked on gaining achievements for my ratonga troubador, and giggled to myself at everyone being upset. It’s alright, games can have bad days too. I’m sure it will get better.

8 Responses to Games can have Bad Days Too

  1. Games can have bad days but I think the SOE developers who buggered it all up had a lot worse day :)

  2. Caol says:

    This is an EPIC fail on SOE’s part. The simple solution would have been to take the servers down 10 minutes after they were put back up and roll them back. Time taken, max 1 hour. People pissed off, a few but most would understand.

    SOE’s solution? roll back individual players! LMAO!! Ye right, thats going to take about 10 hours PER PERSON imo which equates to almost TWO WEEKS of work for the devs.

    Way to go SOE.

  3. Paken says:

    Heya All,

    This is typical of SOE since 1999. After each expansion/patch/add, somehow the programmers mess something up. Usually everything is fixed with a week or two.

    However yesterday, it was wild in guild chat. 2 senior members in Magic and Might on Najena server were funing and cursing all the bugs and the people that abused and took advantage of the bugs. These 2 members decided to level thier crafters instead of adventuring in order to help out the guild but when the BG ground bug came, they were laughing at the players that got messed around. And then they started to pick on a poor member who is lvl 90 and who upgraded her armor with the new MARK system. The day before she got 2 pieces of armor made for 5 marks each and after the BG patch, each armor now costed 40 marks. So they were picking on this poor member….. I got involved this time telling everyone to CALM DOWN, RELAX and saying this is normal and that everthing would soon be fixed. But these 2 senior members would not stop so the poor girl that was being picked on, lefted the guild and since I supported her, I also left the guild because I did not like the stupid guild chat that was happening.

    So now I am without a guild again on Najena !!! That is life and I stand by my decision.

    Have a good beer everyone and GO CANADA GO – Nother Gold for us but those happy girls decided to go drinking on the ice afterwards with the 18year Quebec girl lol….. Will we loose the gold medal now lol !!!

    I had senior members that started the expansion by getting thier 8 crafters to 90. And everyone know the first few days of release, there was a another bug in the hole that leveled people to almost 90. Well another bug was those new MARKs. Before the VG update,

  4. Akely says:

    Thanks for the info. I might reconsider then. After the weekend, perhaps, as I work nights this weekend and any awake time is spend with the near and dear ones.

  5. stargrace says:

    @Akely the expansion is fairly stable, aside from the empty chests and battlegrounds issues which are fixed now (aside from restoring individual people)

    @Ysh – I saw that message too, sadly that doesn’t help people who lost those aa’s that they need in order to raid, or enter zones, etc. Until they’re restored. But it shouldn’t be too long until it’s all fixed up again.

  6. Ysharros says:

    @akely – the expansion is fine and very stable from what I’ve seen. It’s the Battlegrounds that have caused problems and (as far as I know) if you don’t touch those just yet, you should be fine.

  7. Ysharros says:

    I did see a system broadcast last night saying that the lost stuff was likely to be fixed *with no rollback* and that the people who’d been affected could carry on playing as normal. Don’t quote me on it though, I don’t know what’s happened in the 12 or so hours since! Dunno the ETA on it either. I do remember them saying that if folks had more than one petition going on the issue, they should remove all but one as that would help them process the petitions faster.

  8. Akely says:

    Luckily I worked last night. Otherwise I would have installed the expansion. Now I’ll wait a week or two I think.

    Makes one wonder who the heck does QA over there. Baffling, to say the least.

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