How do You feel about Daily Quests?

I’m torn on the subject of daily quests. On one hand, sure who doesn’t want a reason to log in every day. The daily missions in EQ2 that reward shards for armor were one such example of this along with the hot zone (meaning the zone has an increased chance to drop loot). On the other hand working towards a goal via daily quests like faction really makes me annoyed, because I don’t want to have to wait day by day in order to purchase a faction item, I want it RIGHT NOW. Or at least 10 hours from now once I’ve grinded the faction out the ‘regular‘ way.

Examples of this are the new daily crafter quests available in Sentinel’s Fate. In order to purchase any of the armor recipes (I’m speaking from a tailor perspective specifically) you need 40,000 faction with the kerra isle folks AND faction with the crafter division of that same island. If you’re an adventurer you’ll be able to gain one of the factions quite easily by completing the chain of adventure quests, but you’re still left with a whole lot of craft faction to work on at the end. The daily quests only give you 2,500 faction a day and you’ll be around 12,000 or so after the chain of crafter quests. That’s a fair amount of dailies to complete before you’re able to purchase the recipes you may want.

It seems that these days every game wants to add a ‘come log in’ factor for players – WoW has had daily quests for quite some time, and now even Aion is jumping into it with their new 1.9 patch that is in the works. It’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen it in EQ2 either, the Isle of Mara craft division has been giving daily (and weekly) craft quests for some time.

I’m a little burned out on EQ2 lately, I’ve been playing quite a bit since the release of Sentinel’s Fate and so my attention has wandered over to other games (like EVE, and Darkfall). If you’re looking to read some of my posts about those games please visit Nomadic Gamer, which is a 2nd web site I started up – and keep in mind that I’m also always looking for volunteer writers for that site. If you’re looking for a place to post your opinion (about games, mind you. They don’t have to be MMO specific) just let me know and I can get you set up. Anyhow, I’ve been logging in to EQ2 to complete my daily quests but other then that I’m taking a small break, I don’t want to burn out completely after all. This is where playing so many games actually comes in handy, they all seem to remind me why I love my ‘main’ games.

What do you think about daily quests? Are they a good thing? A bad thing? Would you like to see more creative ways to entice players to log in every day? Let me know in comments!

Safe travels, and happy gaming!

14 Responses to How do You feel about Daily Quests?

  1. Paken says:

    LOL everyone,

    Maybe people are not 24/7 like most who have written here. The daily Mission quests are actually a great idea because people who hate certain zones will only go back when thier is a bonas to get. So for the people who do not play much and need a drop in that zone or quest update, this is thier chance.

    For example my healer is awaiting the daily to be changed to Guk so I can update the TSO main signature quest. Usually no one likes these places so when the daily or hot zone is involved, then the poor players have a better chance to get thier updates as many are willing to go there on that day.

    Plus the 1pp cash is great to add to your coffer for the people who are not really rich.

    So yes I am in support of the Daily Mission Quests and I am in favor of those long daily quests for the faction. It should be hard to get your faction up people. What SOE have done in my viewpoint is making faction in SF really easy to have compared to what it used to be.

    Thats it folks. Just remember there are different player bases that have different needs.

  2. Kilanna says:

    Well I guess that dailys help keep the aa ticking over if you cant get regular instance runs …..

  3. Olphas says:

    I didn’t like them in my (long gone) WoW Days and that hasn’t changed.
    They are an easy way to earn some gold and faction, but once you pick them up, everytime you log in you have a strange sense of “duty” towards these quests. Like “I really don’t want to ’cause they’re boring, but I should do them ’cause I need the faction/gold and I’m falling behind, if I don’t do them today… ” It’s like going to work, and I really don’t need that in a game.

  4. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    I don’t have a problem with daily quests, but the monotony of doing them is what really drove me to leave WoW

  5. Akely says:

    Pah! You don’t even want to get me started on how lazy and boring I find the implementation of Daily Quests. I’ve hated Shards since I understood I had to repeat myself over and over and over in order to get a reward that would be outdated before the next expansion (this happened). Only to realize there is a NEW FRIGGING MECHANIC JUST LIKE IT!!!

    I’d like to beat the design team with a hammer. Many times. Granted, a foam hammer as I try to be a softy these days.

    Boooooring, stupid, buttonmashing… gaaAAAAHHH!

  6. stargrace says:

    Since I’m a tailor and can already purchase the house items, I’m looking forward to (finally) getting the recipes – but I’d rather have a choice. That one daily quest for 2,500 or repeatables for 200. I have no issues just grinding away until I’m max. Having to make sure I log in every day in order to get my 2,500 is not fun.

  7. g33kg0dd3ss says:

    Ok, just looking at this in-game, and it says for most furniture:
    “Requires at least 30,000 faction with Kerra Isle or requires at least xx,xxx faction with Kerra Isle Outfitters”

    For weapons, gear, and other furniture (rat traps & plate of cheese), it says:
    “Requires at least xx,xxx faction with Kerra Isle”

    For the recipe books, it says:
    “Requires at least xx,xxx faction with Kerra Isle Outfitters”

    So you do need faction for both, depending on what you want to buy…but the furniture will be available to you whichever faction you get high enough first. I think that the furniture was the only thing I was concerned about because I’m itching for those Kerra steps. :D

    And to throw my 2c in, I’m rather enjoying the Sentinel’s Fate crafting dailies. Grinding faction 200 points at a time by doing the same repeatable quest over and over again ad nauseum puts me right to sleep. Doing a different quest every day for a more hefty chunk of faction is actually quite pleasant. :)

  8. Blue Kae says:

    I’m ambivalent about dailies. I’d prefer them to be instantly repeatable instead of on a 24 hours clock, but it is nice to have repeatable quests as an optional activity. I’ve never felt like I had to login to do dailies though, it’s always been more of oh that quest is up again guess I’ll do it.

  9. Magson says:

    I don’t like dailies becuz they seem to invite the mindset that one “has” to log in each day. It’s a game, I’m paying a monthly subscription, I’ll log in on my OWN schedule, thank you very much! Add in that I like to log in and go do what I feel like, not log in and go “Oh, what is the daily quest I HAVE to do today?”

    TSO’s “daily double” wasn’t so bad in that it took you to instances you probably wanted to run anyway, but I’ll tell you right now that I’ve only ever done the daily “solo shard” quest 2 times. And both times I actually ended up grouped with someone so we blew through it very quickly. Even so. . . YAWNER! Especially since it really isn’t any more difficult than any other quest, so why not just give shards out for completing quest endlines that normally give out legendary gear anyway?

  10. stargrace says:

    Well, I already have 40k adventure faction, and am pretty sure you need both. :) Just waiting on my crafting faction to catch up. You need different faction for the recipe books then you do for the other items in the list.

  11. g33kg0dd3ss says:

    Hmm, I think one of us has read the faction recipe book descriptions wrong…I could swear you needed 40k faction with the crafters OR the adventurers, not that you needed both. Gonna check that as soon as the servers are back up.

  12. Ferrel says:

    In general I’m not a huge fan of the daily quest systems because I believe the repetition does more harm than good. Yes, it does get you in game daily, but usually with a grumble. WoW was the worst offender as those quests were generally mind numbing and exactly the same each day. EQ2 at least sends you to an instance so you get to interact with friends. You also get the loot from the named mobs.

    When it comes to marks, SOE does give you the opportunity to gain a large amount each day if you have a good group so I don’t see it as a thing that will drag on for months. You can easily get 10 a day and 20 is not outside the realm of possibility.

    I don’t know anything about crafting though!

  13. Scopique says:

    I’ve never actually DEALT with dailies, although I hear about them all the time. I’m with Werit, though: if they’re only there as a carrot to an otherwise begrudging stick, then it seems to me that dalies are more like a band-aid for potential player apathy then addressing the root cause.

  14. Werit says:

    I’m not a fan of daily quests when they have you do something you don’t enjoy in order to get something you would. PvE dailies are really repetitive to me. On the other hand, WAR PvP dailies would most likely be fine, as I’ll be doing that anyways.

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