Spirit’s Resonance

Sentinel’s Fate has a lot of instances, which is something I quite enjoy. Although I don’t like having a billion different type of tokens clogging up my shared bank. That’s a story for another day. Today I got to adventure through Spirit’s Resonance, which is basically an instanced replica of “The Hole” (which is contested). One of the great things about this zone is that there are a LOT of quests associated with it.

Plus the Mark of Manaar quest, which grants you a token (of course).

There are a few things to make note of as you explore through this instance. Number one. You’ll have a quest that requires you to trap a bug – you get a bag in your inventory in order to do this. Well. DON’T TRAP THE KEY MOB which also happens to be one of those little beetles in the graveyard. Woopsie. That’s what happened to my group yesterday as we made our way down there.In fact the more people who /bug this the better, so that we can have the key mob flagged differently and people can’t go scooping it up as a quest update.

The last mob in the instance was probably the one I enjoyed the most (SPOILER INC):

Every 20% the mob will discombobulate someone and you’ll have to run to the back of the room where you’ll see some book shelves. You’ll be in the form of another creature, much like the void beast fight in TSO where each group member takes possession of a different creature. You’ll have to kill 3 rounds of books, with 3 mobs in each encounter. If you don’t, bad things happen to your group. It is a random person who is selected every 20% so have fun with that. I was chosen twice on my bard, and the healer was also chosen twice. The best part is that as you’re morphed into some other creature, the group gets to kill a version of you. Mean while, the “mob” speaks as you, much like they do in Unrest. So I’m working on killing the books in the back of the room, and my NPC version of me is asking who is parsing the encounter, and if anyone wants to head to Blackburrow afterward. It was great.

I managed to gain a few more upgrades for the troubador as well. She’s slowly inching her way away from being an int / str based caster, and over to the new agi scheme that was implemented for scouts with the release of Sentinel’s Fate. I’m also just a smidgen away from getting UT finally, so maybe I won’t be so disliked. Ok so my guild has been pretty great at letting me tag along despite the fact that I don’t have UT, but it’ll still be great to have.

Happy gaming, I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. tuvogg says:

    Then of course you will need to find a nice piece of armor with a red adornment slot so you can add Focus: UT and make it even better :P

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