Everyone Needs Room!

There’s no such thing as having too much storage space…

8 Responses to Everyone Needs Room!

  1. The problem is that with that much personal storage space, plus several hundred slots in player housing, plus a massive quest log, etc etc, suddenly EQ2 characters take up so much disk space that SOE doesn’t want to give us more character slots. Seven slots for the industry standard fee is simply inadequate in a game with 24 classes. I’d much rather have a more reasonable number of slots than an inventory that is so large that I can never find anything anyway.

  2. Blue Kae says:

    That’s fumoggin crazy!

  3. Magson says:

    I love me some 40-slot boxes!

    @Scopique — In EQ2 you have potentially your full 12 slot bank, 8 slot shared bank, and 6 slot inventory all with a 40-slot box in it. Total of 720 personal slots and 320 more shared amongst all your toons.

    Stargace in this shot appears to have 32-slot boxes and she’s even got a bag in her inventory that can’t be larger than 36 if it’s the harvesting bag I think it is, so she doesn’t even have her “full potential” yet.

    I’ve got 40-slot boxes on my SK in inventory so far, but my bank and shared bank still have the 36 slot max size from the previous expansion as of yet. And I don’t like to think how close to full my shared bank constantly is. . . .

  4. Wow… just… wow…

  5. g33kg0dd3ss says:

    What’s funny is that my girls’ inventories all look like that — except all the boxes are full. :p

  6. Petter says:

    I’m…speechless. Good Goddess, what is that…thing?

  7. Scopique says:

    Holy mother of pearl! How the heck does one get THAT many storage slots?

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