Latest Round of Patch Notes

(( Have you read the latest round of patch notes for EverQuest II? I’ve highlighted those that were of particular interest to me, if you have any comments please leave them below! ))

Wild Swings will now persist through death.
The switches that open and close doors and barriers on the Vigilant: Final Destruction should now function on PvP servers.
Killing several Dreadnaught guards in South Freeport will now cause them to learn some respect. The same applies to Thexians in North Freeport.

Effects that can only be obtained on PVP Servers will no longer work in Battlegrounds.

All raid dropped armor now has red adornment slots.

Critical Mitigation on many raid dropped armor pieces have been changed to be more in line with TSO numbers.
Many of the high tier armor sets have been renamed to reduce confusion.
Brellium resist jewelry items have been improved.
All raid dropped jewelry now has resists.
Many raid drop weapons and jewelry items have had additional effects added.
Some of Waansu’s items have had class restrictions added.

The quest “Swiping Scrolls” can once again be successfully completed.
The quest “Shroom Prune” now updates off of killing Coercer Pittles and Shroombis the Coerced.

Waansu should no longer appear inside a test tube if he has spawned as an encounter

It should be more difficult to get out of PvP combat after engaging someone in PvP combat.
You can no longer break PvP encounters by using /yell.
All raid mobs have had their damage and melee reduced by 10-20%

You will now only get a death credit in a battleground if you actually die.
Ungrouped members on the same team should be autogrouped after a few seconds.
The old group icons are back. So custom UI group icons should work normally now.
Russian names now display properly in the battleground leaderboard window.
Healing from wards will now count as healing given and healing received in the battleground leaderboard.

The descriptions for Clarissa’s Content Countenance and Criggle’s Chaotic Characteristics have been updated to resolve some confusion issues.
The following items have been changed from heirloom/lore-equip to no trade/lore:
exquisite woven boots
exquisite woven pants
exquisite woven shoulder pads
exquisite woven tunic
female tradesman boots
female tradesman gloves
female tradesman pants
female tradesman tunic
male tradesman boots
male tradesman gloves
male tradesman pants
male tradesman tunic
striking woven boots
striking woven pants
striking woven shoulder pads
striking woven tunic
dragon fastened robe
exquisitely stitched robe
female gold blouse
female gold skirt
formal wear female ensemble
formal wear male ensemble

Rewards from the ‘Shadows of the Betrayed’ signature quest are now correctly flagged as one-hand weapons.

Tradeskilled adornments would not work on a large number of low-level items. This has been fixed.
The Hua Mein daily crafting missions now include only 1 mission that requires harvesting, equivalent to the Kerra and Quel’ule factions.

Toxxulia should do less damage with her spells and melee.

Maalus Shadowfyre will now cast his AOE spells at least 12 seconds apart from one another, rather than 8 seconds, giving players more time to recover after the previous AOE spell ticks.

Perah Celsis should do slightly less damage with his spells.

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