Another Quiet Weekend

Things have been a little quiet in EQ2 as of late. Quiet isn’t bad per say, but it’s just different (for me at least). Battlegrounds have been pretty much down since release, a lot more then they’ve been up. I’m sad but not surprised by this. They were down all weekend, and hopefully, maybe, if we all wish really hard, they’ll be up some time soon. I, however, will not be holding my breath.

I managed to reach 30,000 faction with the kerra outfitters, which granted me the ability to purchase a book filled with recipes for ‘casual’ garments. They’re quite nice looking – but they all take a T9 rare, and right now those are through the roof. The chances of me making one any time soon are pretty slim. At 40,000 I’ll be able to make the higher tier battleground gear, which is something I’m quite looking forward to. Don’t forget the Isle of Mara has new recipe books, I found a level 79 book that allows me to craft level 80 BG gear. I stuck a suit of it on my coercer (it takes T8 rares) in the hopes that I’d get to experiment with ‘toughness’ to see what (if any) difference it makes while you’re playing against other characters. I managed to loot two T9 masters this weekend, and that put another 400 plat in my wallet. There isn’t a whole heck of a lot that I want to purchase, so for now the coin accumulates. Knowing me, I’ll spend it on house items.

I have been working on two characters, my warden and my coercer. While most people may prefer an illusionist in their group (I can hardly blame them, the illusionist has a LOT to offer a group) I find the coercer a lot more fun. I’ve been running around charming mobs to figure out their strengths. The coercer is sitting part way through 83, while the warden just managed to grab onto 81. I’m taking my time with these characters, there’s no rush to have another 12 sitting at 90 after all.

I’m still in awe at how pretty SF is. I love the expansion as far as graphics go. I still just really wish battlegrounds were working. It was a nice quick thing to do with a few spare moments, as opposed to having to plan around a couple of hours of play time.

What was everyone else up to this weekend? Let me know!

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  1. Magson says:

    This weekend I started working on the SF zones in earnest. I consider my coercer to be my main character, but the SK is so darn survivable that I decided to make my 1st run-through on the SK so I’d know where everything is, what kinds of surprises were in store, etc. And I’ve fallen in love with my SK all over again. So methinks I’ll work it up to 90 (86.80 now, all solo quests completed, so it’s time to head into the dungeons!) before starting on my coercer.

  2. Blue Kae says:

    Quiet weekends are nice. Mine went so fast that I nearly didn’t do any gaming on Sunday.

  3. stargrace says:

    Yes, coercers have a skill called “charm” lets them possess a mob for a duration (can break while the spell is running). Different mobs have different abilities. Casters work best in EQ2, they can root and nuke quite hard. Tanks do poorly (from what I have seen). The better quality your charm spell (master being the best quality) the better the mob will perform.

    So I run around by myself, charming things and taking down encounters that shouldn’t be possible for someone to do solo because of the power of the mob I’ve got under my control. Of course, charm also breaks fairly easily, and that means I get eaten by BOTH mobs, and that hurts. I die, a lot. BUT the experience is still a lot of fun, and probably my favorite class in EQ2.

  4. Werit says:

    Charming mobs to figure out their strengths?

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