Making Another Attempt

Over five years into the game, and I’ve played pretty much every class – except a tank. Why? I’m not sure, I’m just not a big fan of tanks in general. It’s not that I don’t enjoy leading from time to time, but I’ve just never really connected with them, I suppose.

I have created tanks over the years and managed to level to 50 or so before setting them aside and eventually deleting. One tank actually made it all the way to 74, a paladin of mine. I actually enjoyed this character a fair amount, but then I took a break to work on other alts, and she was cast aside. Eventually she too joined the pile of deleted alts.

Now, one thing Sony has always been very good at is their customer support. Especially if you’re polite and patient and not requesting something absurd. Yesterday I got it into my head that I would indeed like to play the paladin, and at least be able to claim that I have ONE tank at the level cap. Even if I never group with the character. So I sent off a petition asking if it would be at all possible to have this character returned to me, explaining the finer details like why I had deleted, and when, etc.

A few hours later I received an email saying she had been returned, and thus I’m back to 12 characters on my main account, the paladin filling in that final slot (thank you)!

Mentoring down to 45 Hamal and I headed to Runnyeye to kill some easy encounters and while we were there I managed to ding 75. Not bad, now she’s only 15 levels away. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick with it this time around. We’ll see. That brings my current characters to:

  • 90 Troubador / 90 alchemist
  • 90 Mystic / 85 tailor
  • 83 Coercer / 85 carpenter
  • 81 Warden / 81 woodworker
  • 80 Dirge
  • 80 Templar / 90 jeweler
  • 80 Ranger
  • 80 Illusionist / 80 provisioner
  • 76 Inquisitor
  • 74 Paladin
  • 58 Necromancer
  • 1 Warlock

I have a few characters on my 2nd account as well, but that account is closed for the time being (my 80 swashbuckler is there). I also did a little house cleaning, and deleted my 2nd 80 illusionist, and a shadowknight I had. I’m constantly deleting characters to make new ones. There are a few who I of course have pretty strong emotional ties to, and refuse to delete. I had hopes of focusing in game on only one character plus crafters, but I just love all of the adventure classes so much I don’t think it’s going to be possible. We shall see.

In the mean time, happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

6 Responses to Making Another Attempt

  1. Kilanna says:

    Like you – I have nothing but praise for SOE customer support. The couple of times I have had interraction with them has been fantastic – prompt, curteous and my issue has always been addressed – even when it has been an error on my own behalf!

  2. fyur says:

    more slots would be great, please SOE, just 1 or 2….

  3. Longasc says:

    That’s really good support! Much more service than I would expect.
    I dunno, but from Euro players in SWG I never heard good things about GMs and support. I don’t even know if there are still EQ1/2 Euro servers, but I am really surprised that support is working so well. — (I never made good experiences with either Sony Online Entertainment nor Sony, rather the opposite! – this might explain my surprise.)

    I do not know for how many days you already deleted the Paladin, and what time period is “reasonable” to have the char restored. I think there are enough bugs and problems where people are often left waiting so that such special services really have to wait or simply are not performed at all. I took parts in WoW raids where loot was assigned to the wrong person, GMs were called to correct this.
    Now you can guess what my stance would have been. This was a player mistake, no reason for GMs to interfere at all. In this particular case I also know that the guy who got the item by accident was playing the system, as he told the GM the name of a buddy who did not even participate in the raid. :P

    I would like some more ingame presence of GMs, less item restoration and bureaucracy when it comes to banning people for instance. Banning has become almost like the police having to gather evidence to put someone to trial in MMOs. A legal act. Maybe this is the reason why silencing gold spammers, bannning bots and all that takes so much time. :(
    I would like to see GMs materialize as some kind of god and remind people to be nice to each other. I guess this is necessary, too many MMOs let zone chat become something like the infamous barrens chat.

    Support was really kind to you. I would have at least expected a bribe or an invitation to dinner if you wanteda support person to restore your char. But maybe you did that, who knows. ;)

  4. stargrace says:

    Yep, and that’s why I love SOE customer support. :) WoW returns deleted characters too, so I think their idea of what is unreasonable and yours is slightly different, but it wasn’t that long ago that I deleted the paladin. ;) And of course I made sure to let them know that it was perfectly alright if I wasn’t going to get her returned, I just wanted to ask before giving up hope and starting a new character. It wasn’t demanding or rude, just a simple request. They (SOE) return deleted / sold items all the time, as long as you can be precise, they can look up that information very easily and I’m thankful that such a wonderful bunch of people work there.

  5. Longasc says:

    I can’t help but returning a char deleted a long time ago is VERY generous. I would just have told you that this is an unreasonable request. You deleted the char quite some time ago yourself, after all.

  6. jmet says:

    It is time for SOE to do something about the character slot limitations with Halas coming imo, a per server limit like many other games or extending it by 2-4 would be nice. This game has so many unique classes to play and so much content that it really limits the game to have such restrictive limits in place.

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