The Paladin Meets Sundered Frontier

The paladin inched her way from level 74 to 81 in two days which I was quite pleased about. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, used a few experience potions and smashed my way through Sebilis. Once I hit 80 I headed to the Sundered Frontier and started the quests in the area. There is of course a downside to leveling up so quickly and on tanks it’s a killer. The paladin only has 77 achievements at the time of this post, well behind where I should be. A lot of classes can get away with not having achievements, but for a tank class this is almost essential. We need those extra abilities that we gain.

I decided to try a 24 vs 24 battleground now that they’re back in game, and absolutely loved it. Far less squishy then my caster counterparts, I also loaded up on level 80 crafted battleground gear, which put my toughness around 400 or so. I’m uncertain if this is what made the difference, but I actually survived a few fights. I figured out that the key was having dps and healers trail after you. Taunting your attackers to keep them off of the dps classes, and keeping them occupied with you, so that your dps friends in the background can burn them down.

Of course since I’m lacking aa things still hurt, and the paladin certainly doesn’t have a very good choice of gear, and her skills leave something to be desired – but – this is what keeps me playing the game. Progressing forward in whatever character holds my fancy for the time being.

Speaking of which. I also managed to hit my 40,000 faction mark with the Kerra outfitters, which means I picked up the level 90 crafted battleground gear book. Excited? Yes. Except my tailor is only level 85, which means I have four levels to go before I can even scribe it. Ah well.

Happy gaming, I hope everyone has fun no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Norrath!

3 Responses to The Paladin Meets Sundered Frontier

  1. Scarybooster says:

    Side note: I’ll miss your Tweets but I’ll still come to read you

  2. Wiqd says:

    Heh, I was about to ask if achievements in EQ2 actually gave you anything extra in the way of gameplay since I read they did not … but then remembered that EQ2 calls their alternate advancement method “achievement points” now. Silly me. Carry on.

  3. Lishian says:

    Since battllegrounds came out, I decided that I would retire from the pvp servers. I can get my fix in battlegrounds! I was happy to level a character without the constant ganking. So, I started a warden on AB and I’m doing my best to level him as quickly as possible (for a casual player). In a month and a half, I’ve managed to level to 74 as of last night. I’ve been using potions and all the goodies I can to help make the process quicker, however, I’ve set my AA slider to 30% and this has kept my dude’s AA to an acceptable level. I’m sitting at 106 AA at level 74 and I don’t think that’s too bad. Increase your AA slider! Since

    I can’t wait to hit 80 and do the battlegrounds, it’s the reason why I left Aion and came back to EQ2.

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