What Are you Looking At?

One of my favorite new mobs in Sentinel’s Fate. I keep wanting to look at this encounter and scream “what are you looking at?!”

5 Responses to What Are you Looking At?

  1. JesDer says:

    … You just made me hate ropers even more by making a Spongebob reference.

  2. My conjurors newest tank pet is a Roper tree like that and when he runs along behind me waving his arms he reminds me of Patrick the starfish from spongebob sqaurepants hehe.

  3. Magson says:

    Ah. I see it now. Just the way the tail and the red armor were made it look like a mount on the carpet, and that was freaking me out, since it shouldn’t be possible.

  4. stargrace says:

    Hmm no, I am on the brewday carpet. Looking up, from the ground. There’s no extra mount there.

  5. Magson says:

    Good old Dartain’s Eye area, eh?

    And wait…. you’re on your mount and your mount is on the Brewday carpet? Kewl!

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