Transmuting and Adorning, Oh my!

I’ve been working on my adorning, and my transmuting. Thankfully my character was already at 400 when the changes went in, because I’m not so sure that I’d want to level the two skills up separately. Right now I’m restricted by my adventure / craft level. Transmuting is one of those subset of skills that have a max based on your level. At level 82 I can only transmute up to a skill level of 410 out of 450. This allows me to transmute items up to around level 84, but no higher. Ideally I’d like to be able to transmute items that are level 90 which means I need to be of an adventure or craft level of 85.

On the plus side I can still create adornments for levels 1-90, my last book having already been scribed. I also enjoy the new revamp of adornments, I really like how no slot really feels useless now. Like belts. There were barely any good adornments for belts, and now you can find a handful.

Hopefully with transmuting being a separate skill more people will pick it up and then more shards and powders will be put for sale on the broker for those of us who adorn (not that I purchase those things, I tend to just save up all my loot and go on a transmuting binge). Having the price of adornments come down slightly would be nice, although it’s not too bad on Oasis currently. You can purchase the level 88 adornments for roughly 12-20 plat.

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