Dirge Mythical Obtained

Not as much gaming was completed yesterday as Saturday, but it was still a fairly good day none the less. Especially for one main reason. The dirge (who had only completed her fabled epic weapon, and not the mythical version) completed the quest that converts that weapon to a buff. Now, if you’re not aware when you do this and you only have the fabled epic, it converts to the mythical buff + mythical weapon (minus those effects because they’re placed on the buff). So essentially this allows you to only complete the fabled epic + the quest to obtain your mythical weapon.

I’m torn on this. On one hand I think it’s silly because we worked really hard to get those mythical weapons. On the other hand they’re now two expansions behind and I don’t imagine too many folks are going to want to run Veeshan’s Peak especially when it’s green. It allows half of the quests to still be relevant (the fabled versions) without forcing people to raid obsolete content.

The little guild I have over on Oasis is inching closer and closer to 30 (we’re almost 29) and that means a new guild hall. Since I’ve cut down on the servers I play on and am now only located on Oasis (I’ve written about why already) it’s been much more relaxing. I am however still in three separate guilds, which makes for interesting times (two if you don’t count my personal guild).

One guild is Iniquity, which is a fantastic bunch of people who have known each other for quite some time. They’re a little more casual then previous guilds I’ve been in, but are a lot of fun. Last night they invited me along for the crafting instance, which I haven’t done since achievements came out. I took my little tailor along for the ride, picked up a new crafting book, some faction, and had a blast.Now I just need to get that done on all my crafters.

I’ve also decided to (surprise surprise) betray another one of my characters. Which one? I’ll leave that for the masses to figure out!

Happy gaming, and I will see you in Norrath!

4 Responses to Dirge Mythical Obtained

  1. Con-grats-ulations!! :D

  2. Higgs says:

    oh, i missed one.

    Maybe Arysh the Warden has a dark desire to become a Fury ?

  3. stargrace says:

    Wrong! :D It’s a level 80+ character

  4. Higgs says:

    Well, its either the Paladin betraying to SK or your Necro betraying to Conjuror.

    Cant wait for New Halas to come out, ive got a Troubradour to create !

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