Ding, Level 30 (again)

I’ve had a level 50+ guild on Lucan D’Lere (or used to at least) called Fire and Ice. Started with some good friends of mine back when the game first came out. Najena? Sure, I’ve had a level 50+ guild there, called Nostalgia. Kithicor? Sure, I’ve had a level 50+ guild there whose name escapes me, too early. Antonia Bayle? Torrent Knights is there, and the guild is 50+ with a T2 hall and still going strong despite me having moved over to Oasis full time. Of course, I started a guild here, and yesterday hit level 30, and purchased yet another hall. Dragon’s Flight is the guild, and even though I have paid for and purchased numerous guild halls since they first came out it was still just like the first time around excitement wise. Maybe even a bit more then usual.

Picking out amenity is always a difficult task, at level 30 I’m only allowed 5 of them. Broker, Banker, and Call to Guild ability are a must, as was a depot box to store the huge number of crafting raws I’ve accumulated on all of my crafters. For the 5th choice a wizard spire porter joined the ranks, which takes over the place of the typical “bell” I would have purchased.

Experience from 30-35 is quicker then 20-30 so I’m looking forward to gaining a few more levels (and thus more amenity) for the tiny hall. In the mean time decorating has commenced, and yes, I’m excited (and this is pretty much the whole reason I keep buying halls).

In order to reach 30 Kasul and myself grinded crafting writs for most of the day, and Pennie donated a lot of items to help boost us up there.

My carpenter is now most of the way through levle 88 (starting at level 82). The woodworker and provisioner are both at 85, I wanted to try to stop them there so that they could finish the Sentinel’s Fate crafting quests and obtain their neat weapon – and maybe make use of that 1% experience boost before hitting the level cap. I’m very close to having a 50% bonus to all of my crafters again, which is something I really loved. Two more adventurers and I’ll be at the 50% bonus there, too. Leveling in SF is incredibly easy. It feels a bit like SOE is trying to push people to end game (Battlegrounds don’t even start until levle 80+) and I guess that could be the reason.

April Fools day is tomorrow – and of course I want to try to take advantage of the quests in game for that day. Whether or not I will manage it is something completely different, we’ll just have to see. Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

3 Responses to Ding, Level 30 (again)

  1. Aurora says:

    Congratulations on your new guild hall! It is indeed a worthy accomplishment.

    My friend and I intend to start our own guild. We are high-level crafters with substantial tolerance for grinding rush orders. About how many hours would it take two crafters working steadily to level a guild to 30. Hours, days, weeks? We have already staked out a practical location to do so, and we have acquired enough harvestables for most of the journey.

    Any encouragement appreciated!

  2. geep says:

    Congrats! Guild Halls have always been such a plus to MMOs for me. Use them a lot in Guild Wars for easy social and inter-alliance trade. Im surprised more MMOs don’t have them. The ability to decorate them in EQ2 is a nice bonus. Really helps make it your own home. Im only a lowly lvl 11 at the moment, but I look forward to eventually being able to explore one.

  3. Caladwen says:

    Congrats on the newest guild hall! And happy decorating! :)

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