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This week is crunch week for me as far as deadlines go, which means even though I write about video games for a living, for this one week I don’t really have any time to play them (go figure). In the mean time, here is one of (many) amazing views in Sentinel’s Fate. This one happens to be the ceiling of the Erudian Library, one of my favorite zones. You explore it much like a clue game, finding out who committed murder. You need to gather clues for the room and weapon and the like, and piece them together to accuse the final NPC.

The great thing is that you can take home items from the zone. There are two books, a rug, as well as the item of the ‘body’ you’ll find in the zone. My favorite happens to be the planter with a little arm sticking out of it, like it was stuffed there haphazardly. The zone also drops some fantastic loot, so if you haven’t been there yet, I recommend it.

Anyone speak Erudite? I always wondered if those runes up there translated into anything. In case you’re not aware, in your EQ2 folder are language folders that have the alphabets of all the races. Yes, those symbols that you see are actual alphabet letters.

Cool or what.

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  1. Magson says:

    Someone went through back in the DoF days and translated a lot of the things that were in-game to our Roman alphabet. I didn’t save all of them, and they were posted in the “old forums.” One thing I recall that I don’t have was that he’d translated the stuff written on the obelisks in Maj’Dul and they were a listing of the city’s laws.

    Some other examples:

    Darkmoon Crescent trophy

    Cragnek March signpost in Feerrott

    Giant Slayer trophy

    Shiny Brass Shield

    “Random Gibberish”

    And my personal favorite, the Hugger Torch rant.

    The clay golems from RoV have the modeller’s 1st name and website written across their chests too. Name is Thad, the site is something about rainbows, iirc. I can’t find the translation and my google-fu seems weak today. Ah well.

    I’ve been very tempted to take screenies of the “holographic” text in the Abandoned Labs and see about translating it, Ill admit.

  2. Lishian says:

    hmmm. i wonder if those letters are in font file format.

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