Main Hall Completed (almost)

It took me a long time to decide how to display the trophies that I’ve accumulated on Oasis. Thanks to kind donations from both Shadowgeist and Pennie, the collection is rounding out nicely. I’m still missing some important ones, like Darathar, Tarinax, Venekor, and a few other simple ones, but as of right now I have 14 of them (two are not included in the screen shot above, as they were added later).My small guild is called Dragon’s Flight, which is why there’s a dragon with wings outstretched in the main hallway. It’s been fantastic to decorate, and I’ve really been enjoying it.

On Antonia Bayle the guild hall design is a little slower. I’m going to be re-building my book collection over there (the player written one that I currently have on Oasis) and if you’re familiar with the T2 halls at all I will be placing it in the top most room, with the skylight. I’m excited about this prospect. I’ve yet to decide what I’d like to do with the rest of the hall yet, but before I can do anything I need to level up a carpenter on the 2nd server so that I’m not spending all of my plat on furniture (again, hehe).

4 Responses to Main Hall Completed (almost)

  1. Jesder says:

    Then they have succeeded :)

    It still looks weird to me, but I am also the type of person who spends hours placing things exactly.

  2. stargrace says:

    They’re not supposed to be the same. :) Thank you though!

  3. Jesder says:

    Looks good .. but you need to fix the frames on the mirrors. They are not all the same.

  4. Looks awesome! Very epic feel. Can’t get over how cool the guild halls can be in EQ2, too bad I just can’t get into it. Great work, you always impress me with your decoration work!

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