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(( An incredibly huge thank you to Sycronn, who contacted me about donating a book to my library. This is their work, the book itself can be viewed in person on the Oasis server, in the North Freeport mage tower, bottom floor under the magical housing. Look for Ellithia))

The Poems of An Iksar
by Sycronn Dreamdusk

Special Print for Ellithia’s Library of Player-Written Books

My dearest reader,
Enjoy the confines of my imagination.
But caution, tread lightly, for it is easy enough to lose your way.

Many Greetings, Sycronn Dreamdusk

The Lover’s Kiss

breath endlessly mingling
with the empty space in between
waiting lips – faltering
a frozen moment in time
destined to be held still
– forever
hopeless eyes darken in gloom
only a span of butterfly
wings apart
affection wasted and decaying
no reason for slight touch
or molten spark anymore
– they fall to pieces


sitting lonely in a corner
painting pictures on the floor
heart starving, sorrow carves
ancient melodies into stone

rain storm battles
sun is losing ground
eyes void of all emotion
stare in silent screams

imaginative hollow mind
wandering darkened halls
snarling gods of rage
fall apart to whispers

sighing mother Gaia
puts her children to eternal sleep
to start anew
and rise up high again

Autumn’s Poem

autumn leaves
dancing red and gold
whispered songs
weaving through the sky
last raven’s caw
slowly dimming
lively childrens breath
fading away
north wind howling
heralding cold
frost clutches
clings with icy hands
mist simmers
cloaking day and night alike

For A Friend

you’ve never heard a seagull’s cry
but still they haunt your nightly dreams
they fly up high just out of seafoams reach
and fill the azure skies above
with beating wings and salty song

one day you’ll surely find yourself
standing straight on sandy shore
and then those haunting nightly dreams
will be no more


clawed paws pounding
over nocturnal forest paths
wild wolves mourning
their brethren’s fall
undying shadows rush
through thornéd undergrowth
hunting, running
from bloodied light of moon

Twilight Scene

leaves rustling in the wind
owls softly hooting
a lone wolf’s cry
greeting the moon
her face is brightening
silver streams of light
washing over canopies
the dragons dancing
in the air


embrace the silence
of old days long gone
yesterday’s whisper fading
into the roaring screams
of tomorrow
this very day, this moment’s song
floats clearly through our minds
but the lingering emptiness
of the past

“Hurry, hurry”, called the wind
rushing me through endless fields of time
“tarry not, for the masses in your back
will not fall behind”.
I ran, I ran, I ran away
yet still demons caught me tripping
they cackled at my own despair
Suddenly fear scattered them far and wide
alerted by galloping hooves approaching
a splendid sight I encountered then
in the brazen world of hell
Nightmare, I cried,
for the flaming horse before me stood
as I slowly reached towards it

darkness fell

and I awoke

I lie forsaken on the border
between sanity and madness
darkness swirls around my head
I feel content and safe
is it not strange?
Others chase the last drop of light
I revel in shadows
my broken wings blacken
dark as ink my soul flows
towards the age old deities
grasping their lost faiths
turning from reality
runes etched into my core
I loose myself inside my mind
but I finally feel whole


pink blossoms dying
following wind’s falling trail
golden sacred flames

world is now slowly ending
moon kisses the sun goodbye

Nature’s Song

Light breeze rushing through
The air
With dying blossoms
Springs ending

Piece of desert
Fed by sea
Waves crashing against
The shore
Summer’s burning

Sparrows playing tag
From branch to branch
Chirping singing
Autumn’s smiling

Green fading
Glowing red and gold
To the ground
Winter s approaching

Moon and sun
Never mind what season
To changes

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