5th Crafter hits 90

Yesterday was a great day. My provisioner was level 87 and I was determined to reach 90, adding her to the other four level 90’s I already have (crafters, that is). Obtaining that goal gave me the 50% bonus experience to crafting for having max level crafters, which the remaining crafters can take advantage of. It’s not as nice as having constant vitality, but it’s still a great bonus. This means my Alchemist, Provisioner, Jeweler, Carpenter, and Tailor have all reached the max level. My woodworker is sitting at level 85 currently, and she’ll be next before I complete the final three, Sage, Armorer, and Weaponsmith. A few people have called me crazy for wanting to level them all to 90, but I really enjoy being self sufficient (by craft means at least) in pretty much every game I play (there’s a reason I have so many crafters in LotRO too). Plus it gives me something to do while I multi task and do other things.

On that same thought, I finally finished the Master Crafter quest for the alchemist. She was the only one of my crafters not to complete this quest, and I only had the final stage left. The one that sends you into Maj’dul to throw books around. It went a lot faster then I thought it would, and with some help from friends I was sporting my new cloak, title, and house item. Not to mention the T8 rares I got that promptly went to the guild bank.

I’ve been playing the dirge, trying to get her more achievements. Sitting at 132 she’s WELL behind where she should be (at level 90) and being able to support my group is pretty important to me. I enjoy playing the class a great deal, and while I have no idea how long my interest will last with this one particular character, it’s fun in the mean time. Last night was a quick trip through Cella on the Mystic, and I’m thinking that it would be a good idea for me to finish her mythical quest so that she can wear a spear I’ve had in her bags for quite some time now. We’ll see I suppose.

Other then that, things are still fairly quiet which is the way I like them. What has everyone else been up to in game?

7 Responses to 5th Crafter hits 90

  1. Amnerys says:

    Hey Star! I heard it was your birthday. I couldn’t find anywhere else to wish you a happy birthday, so forgive me for being off-topic on this post. :)

    So from all of us here at SOE, I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, with lots of cake, fairy dust and presents. :D Hope we’ll see you at Fan Faire this year!

  2. Lishian says:

    I feel like a low-speed high-drag loser.

  3. Arcos says:

    Not quite up to your dedication. Four 90s (woodworker, jeweller, sage and alchemist), provisioner on 85, Amourer and Tailor also in the 80s. Carpenter and Weaponsmith way back in the 40s and 50s. Only first two have their master craftsman. I just get too bored and go off adventuring. Not that I have my adventurers that high either. One at 88, three more at 80, the rest all over the place. Happiest working my bruiser/provisioner atm, he’s currently level 69 with 157 AAs.

  4. Gimal says:

    Im also a “Mad Crafter” in the MMO’s I play. Currently I have a lvl 43 weaponsmith but im working on a few others. The problem im having is if I should do the craft writs or not.

  5. stargrace says:

    I’d probably have them all at 90 now, were it not for the fact that I have 4 90 adventurers too ;)

  6. Magson says:

    Crafting. . . .that’s that thing where you sit and spam buttons, right?

    Kidding…. I have a level 72 provisioner, a level 80 jeweler, and a bunch of crafters in their 20’s that I could level rather quickly. I just get bored with it. I’ve always intended my main to be a sage, and I even got her from level 11 to level 14 scholar the other night, but low level crafting reminded me that I just don’t actually find crafting to be “all that.”

    I do actually want to eventually do that Mara crafting, and I’m told the crafting quests in TSO and SF are really good, so I suppose I could check them out on my jeweler since that character’s already “up there” but. . . it’s not my main and I really want to focus on that character for a while yet. Decisions decisions, and all that junk.

  7. Ysharros says:

    Heh, you’re ahead of me damn you. I’m on four and counting, but RL keeps trying to trip me up, dagnabit! :D

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