Inquisitor Finishes Fabled Epic

As I mentioned last week, I started playing on two servers once again. More to watch over the guild on Antonia Bayle so that it didn’t befall any more mishaps then anything else. I have a (now) 83 inquisitor over there named Stargrace. The last few days have been spent off and on trying to complete the fabled epic, and thanks to Ibeogur I managed to get it done. The inquisitor is a class I attempted to play once by betraying my templar but at the time I decided it wasn’t for me. I typically prefer “pure” healers, and playing a healer who is expected to DPS just doesn’t mesh. This time around I’m having a lot of fun with it, even though the character lacks a LOT of gear and spells. Even worse then all of that she lacks achievements, sitting at a grand total of 70 after yesterday. At level 83 this is incredibly painful.

Again it gives me a goal to work towards and something to accomplish in game on top of what I’m already pursuing. I like having goals and objectives like this, it keeps me inspired to play and motivated. I’ve always been big on motivation and inspiration as anyone who knows me is aware of.

Oh, the biggest news I suppose would be that my T1 guild hall on Oasis is almost complete. There’s one more room to finish that I am hoping Kasul and I can turn into a forest garden, but after a LOT of work this week on it, the remainder of the hall is done. I have to say, I think the hall has the best library I’ve ever seen before, and a fantastic aquarium. I’m eager to create a carpenter on Antonia Bayle (since I have no characters there) so that I can begin the process anew. Speaking of which, the inquisitor has no harvesting skills. That’s going to have to change.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their time in game, no matter where you find yourself. Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. kaozz says:

    Gratz on the Mythic! I love the Inquisitor class, it’s really a lot of fun. I suppose it’s the highest I’ve gotten any healer so I am biased heh. I’ve thought of betraying, I still may later on, but for now I am pretty happy as it is. I need to stockpile on some AA, I have close to 50 @ 55. I may stop in a few levels to do so.

  2. Magson says:

    My inq hit 70 when that was the cap and had 34 AA’s at the time. Then she became my raiding toon. Over time, I got her up to about 70 or so, but then largely shelved her.

    I’ve leveled her to 74 in the RoK zones and did enough quests doing it that she’s all the way up to 99 now. And yeah, as you say, it’s pretty painful to have so few. But… she’s got RoK and TSO both to quest and level in, then SF beyond. And there’s always mentoring and chronomagic too, so someday I’ll work her up to “better” status. But it will be a while. I’m still working on my coercer and SK after all. . . . .

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