Ding 87 Coercer, and Other Goodies

While most people are probably spending their time in Sundered Frontier or any number of other Sentinel’s Fate zones I’ve been wandering through older zones with one of my close friends, exploring content that this specific character had never done before. Yesterday we mentored down to 70 and 75 and headed first to Blackscale Sepulcher for the achievement, then to Sanctum of the Scaleborn (which was absolutely packed) and finally to Palace of the Awakened. Along the way I finished off the dungeon achievements for Kingdom of Sky which netted me a nice set of appearance gear. It looks like plate, which is nice since some times I get tired of the cloth look of the coercer.

In those zones the coercer climbed to level 87, which leaves a LOT of Sentinel’s Fate for me to do once I’m finally 90. I’m excited about this prospect. Since I’m playing on Antonia Bayle I have very little money and I can’t exactly afford to gear out the character (she was stripped down to nothing aside from her epic, so I very literally am starting from scratch). I purchased a few expert spells from someone who had a nice selection of coercer spells listed (15p50g which is a fairly good deal with the rares themselves are going for 14-15p each). My gear is absolutely horrid, but I’m hoping that once I hit level 90 I can work on that slowly.

I’ve been having an absolutely amazing time playing the coercer, and remembering why I love this class to begin with. I’ve always tried to play “what was needed” more then what I enjoyed, and this is a pleasant reminder that I really should just stick with what I enjoy.

Hopefully level 90 is not that far off, and then I’ll have more adventures to talk about instead of the oldschool grind that I’ve been doing. We’ll just have to see.

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Kethryl says:

    Nothing wrong with the “oldschool grind”. I’ve found myself doing the same with my alts, and it’s actually fun to go back and do some of those dungeons and zones you did so long ago. =)

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