Coercer Soloing Heroics in New Tunaria – Video

One of my favorite things to do in EQ2 is play my enchanters. There are two “branches” of enchanter. One is illusionist, the other coercer. Illusionists add a LOT of buffs to both melee (mostly with aa) and spell casters. They get a summoned persona which is a rendering of themselves, and they’re a fun class. On the other side is the coercer. They buff tanks and healers as well as offer some to melee classes (dps buffs etc). While they can possess essence (a pet that works a lot like the illusionist pet) it’s not nearly that good, and what they really shine with are their charm spells.

If you happen to get lucky enough to pick up a master 1 charm, there’s really no end to the fun you can have. Expect to die, a lot. Especially as charm breaks. You’ll also find yourself challenging the class to see just how much you can do. I love mentoring down to level 60 (or being level 60, as I’ve leveled up more then my share of coercer classes) and heading to New Tunaria just off of Greater Faydark to charm vampires. These NPC nuke for 20k a shot, and as long as you’re fighting humanoid encounters, you’ll be able to pretty much two shot anything.

There are down sides, of course. Charm breaks. Vampires poof in daylight if they happen to break during that. There’s adds. The pet could get killed if you don’t have them on range. So what I’ve done is made a video of my coercer soloing in New Tunaria to show you a little of how it’s done. This is by far my favorite class. There’s a reason I have two level 85+ coercers as well as an illusionist.


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  1. Magson says:

    Looks like Profit to me.

  2. Gyofu says:

    I noticed that you are using a custom UI. Which one do you use? Do you have a link for the uninitiated like myself? Thanks for all of the great information!

  3. Kryln says:

    Okie dokie. I’m usually online around 7-8 PST


  4. stargrace says:

    @Kryln – just let me know when you’ll be around, I’ll make a point to log in and invite you.

  5. Magson says:

    @jesder — I noticed charm not taking conc today either when I charmed my terrorfang arsonist to go run a few writs. I then un and re-equipped my “pet gear” and none of it applied to the charmed pet, where it had been applying to any PE pet I did all day. Might be a difference there, or maybe I just was bugged on it.

  6. Kryln says:

    Hey I got booted from the TK in AB. YOu know when you are gonna be on? Threllgar needs an invite back

  7. Jesder says:

    Any Master charm over level 20 will work. the higher tiers have longer durations and higher healing effects (also should break a little less). Charmed pets got a huge nerf in RoK zones and later. This was done shortly after RoK was released due to PvPers complaining about certain pets. Overall charm is best left to soloing, it is often more of a pain than it is worth in groups, and useless in raids :(

    The Vampires in NT use a % based nuke which was never disabled (i use to have a screen of the spell back before Possession was changed to Posses essence.). There are a few mobs left with such abilities. Many others have been fixed but there are a few still out there.

    Also note that with the mythical conversion charm no longer takes concentration as well. And there is a bug with all the pet focus gear in SF. In order to have it apply to coercer pets you need to remove the gear and reequip it after you PE or Charm.

  8. stargrace says:

    Yeah, the lesser versions of the spell don’t allow the mobs to fight to their fullest potential. The spell is not THAT difficult to get, you can find it on broker – or you can get an expert version of it and have a research assistant make it for you for free. The higher the charm the more days it will cost. I got exceptionally lucky and a friend gave me the level 84 charm.

  9. Werit says:

    Master 1 charm, is that what does it? It difficult to obtain? All the experimentation sounds very fun.

  10. Magson says:

    I totally agree. My main is a coercer. . . .

    The PE pet can be all right for “safe soloing.” And the other night in Demetrik’s Bastion I pe’d something that I thought was a fighter-type, but it ended up being a warlock. In the longer fights it would cast multiple dots, a decently large nuke for a pe pet, and I’d send it in to melee too. Overall it was actually doing about 2500 dps. Big part of that was the brigand debuffs on the mob I’m sure, but it still was decent. And I have completed the epic conversion so PE costs no concentration anymore, so it’s simply “free” dps.

    I too love charming those vamps in Felwithe, but my new favorite is definitely the terrorfang arsonist in Stonebrunt Highlands. It’s got a nuke it casts rather often that seems to average 33,000-35,000. I’ve seen it as low as 24K and as high as 52K, though. Most of the solo mobs in that zone seem to have about 25,000-30,000 hp, so they almost always are 1-shot. Even the ^^ mobs you have to fight for one quest go down reallllllly fast with one of these things in tow ;-)

    @Werit — you can charm darn near anything, though certain things aren’t really all that great as a pet. Part of the fun is learning which ones are god and which ones aren’t. They have different scripts, different abilities, etc. For example, I mentioned that coerced terrorfang up above — it’s a wizard. In the same zone I charmed a different wizard, but it has a different script and the most I’ve ever seen it nuke for is about 12K. It likes to throw a lot of dots, with the occasional 12K nuke, so overall it still does ok dps, but nothing like the arsonist. I’ve also charmed a few different warlocks. One casts the warlock smal nuke a lot and a few dots besides. Max hit I’ve seen from it is about 8K. A 2nd warlock I charmed likes to cast AE spells instead – it’s nice when the rare Apocalypse gets thrown — it’s a dot, but does 5 ticks in 6 seconds, so it’s fast.. and each tick does 12,000 – 15,000 damage, so with 5 ticks of that it’s obviously a huge nuke. Shame it doesn’t cast more often ;-) In the low 50’s, the “sharpthorn prophet” warden mob in Lesser Faydark is nice — it’s got a large nuke for its level that it casts a ton, plus it heals itself. But other wardens in the same level rangedon’t cast the same nuke all the time — it’s all about what scripts the mobs you find have. Takes a lot of experimentation, but… it’s just another level to the gameplay as far as I’m concerned.

  11. stargrace says:

    You can charm pretty much anything that’s not a named. But some mobs work better then others and have special abilities.

  12. Werit says:

    That does look like a lot of fun. Can you charm a lot of different mobs?

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