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I love appearance slots in EQ2, it’s no surprise. Pictured above is my friend and I dressed in our Steampunk attire. I’m still working on getting a proper weapon and mount, but absolutely love the look. The best part is that the appearance gear is a mesh of gear from all over, it’s not an actual outfit in game or a suit that you can purchase (though I’d love to see one in the station marketplace). Finding a suitable “steampunk” weapon for my mage to use is a little frustrating, but I’m sure I’ll find one eventually.

The coercer inched towards level 88 yesterday and managed to clench it in Cella. Thanks to the friend above we managed to clear Outer Vault as well as Cella, and Library. This gives me two empty zones I can use for my mythical updates – as long as I get speak as a dragon completed, which is something I have been neglecting because I just don’t want to do that quest again.

Today is the day I hope to get it done. Having my mythical spell on my coercer is a big deal as it grants me my “free” pet, and any extra dps is always nice.

I’ve been questing in Sundered Frontier quite a bit and loving it. Maybe it’s because I have actually NOT completed Sentinel’s Fate quests before (I’ve pretty much just killed mobs to get all of my characters to 90) or because the stories are a little new to me (at least newer then RoK and TSO) but I’m having a lot of fun. Lots of running, having a fast mount helps in that regard too.

The coercer should hit 90 this weekend, and if I’m lucky (fingers crossed) I’ll manage to get her mythical buff completed too. We also welcomed Threllgar (sorry if I’ve spelled your name wrong) back to Torrent Knights on the Antonia Bayle server – if you happen to have been in the guild and were kicked simply let me know and I’ll invite you back. Or if you’re looking for a casual guild to hang out with, look for Stargrace or Arysh in game. The guild is not incredibly active but we do have a T2 hall in North Qeynos with a good selection of amenity, and are a fairly friendly bunch.

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

3 Responses to Steampunk Updates

  1. Kryln says:

    It is Threllgar and glad to be back home! Thanks again for the re-invite to the original invite!

    What do you mean you levelled from 80-90 without questing? Do you mean grinding? Does that still work???

  2. stargrace says:


  3. Ysharros says:

    Ack pic is broke! I really want to see those outfits! :D

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