Everything Goes Right (Sometimes)

In game yesterday was amazing. One of those play sessions where pretty much everything goes exactly as you’d like it to go – and I was incredibly happy. To start it off my coercer hit level 90 and in record time. Not only that but she’s the proud owner of her mythical via the Epic Repercussions quest line. I’ve never had my mythical on my coercer before (either of them) so this was a really nice surprise for me. I had no idea I’d get it so quickly. I also had the pleasure of doing a few instances with friends including Research Halls, Library, and Conservatory (which is just an amazing looking zone).

There was a fellow blogger in group that I didn’t even notice until they sent me a tell. Odin (hope I got that right) from A Gamers Yarn was on his templar and said hello once we’d begun the instance. I love meeting readers in game, and love meeting other bloggers just as much.

Finally, I used up the final character slot on my account to create a new character. A monk. With the help of some ultra leveling from Wpus she hit level 42 in record time (having 50% bonus from other max level characters really comes in handy). I typically end up deleting my brawlers so I’m really excited about actually KEEPING this one. Again we’ll just have to see how that goes. I plan on level locking her to 89 (Iif I make it that far) and exploring battlegrounds in great detail. I always seem to enjoy those more as a tank class then anything else. Probably due to their survivability.

Today is Friday! I hope everyone has had an amazing week, and look forward to an incredible weekend. Don’t forget that as of 6pm EST today there is bonus experience in EQ2, so if you’re looking to get some leveling done now is the time! Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and I’ll see you in Norrath.

4 Responses to Everything Goes Right (Sometimes)

  1. Dril says:

    I really wish I could get into EQ2, your blog makes it seem awesome (1-42 in one day? Nom.) Gratz on the 90 anyway :)

  2. stargrace says:

    @Jaffa – because BG’s are currently split into two tiers. 80-89 and 90. When you fight with level 90’s you’re with the cream of the crop, wearing raid gear. “Mains” in other words. If you’re fighting level 89-80 (and the BG’s auto mentor everyone down to level 80) your chances of surviving go up drastically. Or at least that’s what I’ve seen personally.

  3. Why do you stop at 89 for Battlegrounds?

  4. Odius says:

    It’s Odius, but that’s okay. It was cool to get to group with you and your tank friend (who is insanely awesome btw). It’s funny, cause I only noticed you by seeing the steampunk attire and it made me think of your post and then I was all like “Huh, Torrent Knights..I wonder.” But hey, it was good fun, and if you ever need a Templar, give Murias a call.

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