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I love events in EQ2. I really wish we had an in game calendar much like World of Warcraft so that we could keep track of what events were happening when, and perhaps even allow players to take it one step further and customize these calendars (ie: guild leaders) to mark when raids were, and what time, and when birthdays were and that sort of thing. When SOE added the ability to track DKP to the guild window, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Granted a lot of guilds simply do this from their web sites, but at least the option is there in game. I’m all about the options.

May should be a very big month for EQ2 and hopefully we see this in game with new and old players returning. It was a great idea for SOE to offer the $5 for three days deal, and then give everyone a bonus experience weekend.

I didn’t speak about this new ‘passport’ deal last week when it came out, but there are plenty of other posts that touch on the subject out there. My basic feeling is that options are always good and no doubt this plan will appeal to someone out there. I personally could see myself taking advantage of it, I’m constantly re-starting my second account for some random reason and then never actually playing it longer then the time it took to activate the account. How great would it be if that only cost me $5 instead of $15. My issue with this new payment plan is of course that it should (in my opinion) be a 72 hour thing, rather then a three consecutive days of gaming thing. Paying by the hour is a fantastic way to get those who don’t have a lot of time into your game. On the down side, those who only log in for a few hours a week but keep an active subscription may be tempted to downgrade their accounts and suddenly you’re losing money instead of making it. If you could draw in enough new players to compensate for this one issue, it wouldn’t be so bad. Whether or not you could guarantee that you’ll manage to get those new subs, well that’s another story.

New Halas is on the test server, along with a LOT of changes. I’ve been waiting for this to go live since before Sentinel’s Fate came out, so I’m beyond excited. Expect some screen shots of all of the new content over the next little while.

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Tipa says:

    72 non-consecutive hours would effectively cut their subscription plan by 2/3. Only REALLY hardcore players play that many hours in a month! Now, maybe, say, ten non-consecutive hours? Or five?

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