The Number Game, and Another 90 Crafter

Last night I decided to do a little experiment. Since I have so many characters I’m constantly fighting with myself over who is my ‘main’ and which character out of the 12 I enjoy more. There’s no real way to measure this especially since I tend to float around from character to character so for fun I decided to make a list of who had how many achievements (remember these are different from aa) because there’s a fairly good chance that the characters who have the most achievements are ones I’ve spent the most time on, and thus are probably some of my more favorite characters to play. Does that make sense? Well, it did in my head. The results were about what I expected with a few surprises thrown in there.

  • 288 – 90 mystic. I played this character almost constantly through TSO and it’s no surprise that out of all my characters she has the most achievements. I love the mystic. Sadly, I rarely play her these days. She’s also got the most aa to her name, as well as spell upgrades and gear. Why am I not playing her? Not really sure.
  • 239 – 90 warden. Another character who does not come as a surprise to me, she has been my favorite for so many years but I’m always reluctant to play her because EVERYONE and their dog has a druid. They’re a very simple class to play, and if you know how to play one well it just makes it all the more fun.
  • 229 – 80 illusionist. This one was a surprise to me. I haven’t really played the illusionist that much, and I can’t even recall playing her often in the last year or so. She used to be my raid main but that was well before achievements came out. She did do a little TSO raiding, but I never thought it was that much. Apparently I was wrong.
  • 216 – 90 troubador. Not really surprising, I’ve raided with this character and there’s a lot of achievements that come from that. I’ve always tried to make her my main, but no one seems to want the bard unless it’s for raids. With SF that has changed slightly, but not enough for me to want to dedicate myself to playing just this one character.
  • 199 – 80 templar. Another big surprise to me. This character has not been my main since I first started playing EQ2. She’s crafted and that’s pretty much it for years now. I love playing the templar, but there’s been very little reason for me to play her with the other (better) healers I have, so she sits on the sidelines for the most part.

The others in order were:

  • 139 – 83 coercer and 90 paladin (explained on the paladins part at least because she is still a brand new character)
  • 133 – 90 dirge (power leveled character)
  • 122 – 90 coercer (just returned after deleting, on Antonia Bayle)
  • 103 – 85 ranger (never played seriously)
  • 80 – 87 inquisitor (mostly power leveled)

Now, knowing these numbers really doesn’t do all that much for me aside from confirming (slightly) who I enjoy playing more then other characters. I’m really a numbers and lists sort of gal though, and it was still fun to figure out.

In other news! My woodworker reached level 90 last night. That means 6 crafters down, and three to go. Jeweler, Provisioner, Woodworker, Alchemist, Tailor, and Carpenter are all resting at level 90. The Sage, Armorer, and Weaponsmith still need work.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in Norrath!

3 Responses to The Number Game, and Another 90 Crafter

  1. Akely says:

    Good thinking about Achievements as a rler for measuring how much a character is played.

    Perhaps for some people having a Main is not an option? I always find the concept of having a Main baffling. I sure can not tell which of my characters is my Main. I think the problem is in the inturpretation of Main. Is it the character I play most often, and in that case over what time-frame? Is the character with my highest level my Main (should I include Crafting?)? Is Stars formula the way to decide? Or is it just what character I *want* to play? May a change?

    Therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no Main. I play all my characters. I tend to play one ot two for a couple of weeks, then I play another, or others. What decides which character I play is many things. Friends whishes, quests I want to do that are a certain level. But mostly what I feel like playing.

    The Mrs tells me I’m being fickle, that I lack aim and goals. I think being fickle sounds like switching all the time. Nomadic, on the other hand, is returning to the same spot over longer periods of time. Yeah, Nomadic sounds better.

  2. stargrace says:

    I did mean better geared and more aa, not better as in their healing methods (because they’re actually quite good).

    All of the healers in EQ2 are a lot of fun to play. Shaman are the rarest (from personal experience). Druids are the most common but also some of the best healers in the latest expansion. Clerics have the largest single target heals, and offer a great selection of hitpoint buffs. It’s all dependent on how you like to heal. Clerics are reactive heals, Shaman are preventative heals (wards), and druids are heals over time.

  3. jmet says:

    As someone who is about to roll a healer, and was heavily leaning towards Templar I was curious why you state “(better) healers”? I assume you meant it as in better geared/more AA etc..

    I have played a priest in wow since launch and love healing, what would you recommend as a healing class? (I currently have an 88 Necro but have realized that healing is what I want to do long term)

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