Claymore Progression

As many of you know by now, one of my absolutely favorite things to do in game is to explore older content. I still haven’t completed the quests to TSO nor SF – but last night I spent the evening working on my Claymore quest and progressing through access to Deathtoll. Both of these quests are something I rarely see others doing and I’m pretty excited about it. The access to Deathtoll especially. This requires you to complete a series of quests that send you off to instances and then defeat dragons. The less exciting part is that it requires Talendor and Gorenair which are in a zone called Ascent of the Awakened x4. In order to access THAT zone you need to have completed a quest in Ascent of the Awakened x2 – and that must con to you (ie: the mobs must be at least green) in order for the symbols to drop. To make matters even more complicated you can only spawn and defeat one dragon at a time before gaining a five day lock out. That means there’s at least a five day break in between starting access to Deathtoll and finally obtaining it. Progress was made though! It had been years (literally) since I completed Ascent of the Awakened x2 and while it wasn’t the most exciting thing I’ve done at least the zone has changed enough to keep it interesting. Basically there are four ‘floors’ and you need a symbol that drops from a named for each floor. This is why the zone must con to you, because those symbols only drop from ornate chests. In order to spawn the named for each floor, you need another item that also drops from chests. These items will drop from grey con encounters, so it’s not quite so bad. Once you’ve obtained the items, you click on a little dragon statue that will be located on that floor (or you can search for it for a good 20 minutes like I did because apparently I’m blind).

Tomorrow evening we’ll be attempting Harla Dar, and Vyemm. Also making progress through Claymore and hopefully getting past the Sanctum of the Scaleborn portions are high on my list. We’ll see how that goes. Since there’s a five day wait before we can complete access for Deathtoll I’m not exactly in THAT much of a rush.

Aside from Deathtoll, I’m interested in completing Godking, Prismatic 1.0, Soulfire, and any other number of old ‘important’ quests that EQ2 has added over the years. I was talking with a friend about how if EQ2 added a progression server I’d be there in a flash, or if anyone knows of a progression guild that is just getting off the ground (ie: level locking each tier for quests / raids) please don’t hesitate to let me know! That’s one aspect of EQ2 that I just absolutely adore.

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Bahz says:

    I’d be right there with you on the progression server, I so want to experience so much of the old content, stuff that used to be big time raids and the big important quests, I’ve had little success finding others with similar goals though, most want to level level level and burn through the newest content like there is no tomorrow. anyways, best of luck in your hunts for the claymore and other goals.

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