An Evening Boxing

For those who have asked previously, the UI I use in EQ2 is called profit reborn, and you can find it on eq2interface. The main reason that I love this UI is that you can update it automatically with a launcher that runs, and you can customize pretty much every single aspect of it, which is pretty important to me. You can keep windows open or closed, and it also allows you to click to cure, which means clicking on a persons name in the grp / raid window will target them and cast your cure. Allowing you to cure faster then hitting F2-6 and then clicking cure. The UI is also filled with helpful tidbits like walk throughs to all Heritage Quests, and a spell list, and other bits of EQ2 information.

I decided yesterday that I’d start boxing again. I’ve had two accounts in EQ2 for quite some time (approx 3 years), but get into spurts where I want to box them together, and then spurts where I do not. I like the utility of being able to heal and DPS or heal and have power regen at the same time, not to mention the fact that my main account is full of characters that I can’t delete. The second account only has 1 level 80 character (a swashbuckler) and that’s about it. Well, that WAS about it until yesterday when I created a fury on Antonia Bayle. My old raid character used to be a fury, so I’m no stranger to the class. I betrayed her to a warden to better suit the needs of my guild at the time, and instead of betraying her back to a fury I’ve decided that it’s probably just a lot easier for me to create a new character.

The evening was spent running through zones like Firemyst Gully (an instance in Antonica), Kaladim, Sinking Sands (and the instances there) and Clefts of Rujark (as well as the instances there). We finished up in Mines of Meldrath (awesome instance in Steamfont Mountains) and Klak’Anon. Since I was boxing my 90 coercer in the group power was never an issue, and she also obtained a lot of achievements and alternate advancement points. It was a pretty productive evening over all and I had a lot of fun. I’m excited that it’s almost May, and curious to see what that brings to the game.

For those who may be curious, I do still write about and play EVE Online (as well as other games), and you can find my posts over on NomadicGamer. I am also still looking for volunteer writers for that site, so if you’re interested in games at all (they don’t have to be MMO specific) please feel free to email me at [email protected] and let me know you’re interested. All that’s required is a account, and just let me know what email is associated with that account. I can add you as an author from that.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in Norrath.

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