Claymore Progression and Vasty Deep: Labs

Last night was a mixture of achievements in EQ2. Torrent Knights got together and managed to take down Vasty Deep Labs, which was fun – except it was also stressful. There’s one in every group (we were three TK members and three PUGS) a player (or two) who think they know how to play their class as well as everyone else’ class better then you play and they’re not afraid to bring it up. Constantly. That was my experience last night as we made our way through the zone. I kept quiet but really wanted to say something to the player about their attitude. It’s not typically like me to sit quietly by while someone rips into the group. There are bad groups and good groups and if you think your group is doing poorly there’s always ways to offer advice without being condescending.

Eventually the zone was completed, my coercer managed to pick up a master spell (which was a M2 choice but that’s besides the point, I changed it to something else so I could scribe the spell. I also got a small ring upgrade, which replaced a treasured one I was wearing. The coercer is still sporting a poor collection of gear since all of the gear I used to have was deleted when I deleted the character.

I also managed to progress Claymore to the point where I need 200 gathering and lets just say that mine is no where near that, so it’s a project for tonight. I’m slowly catching up in achievements, hitting 162 last night. It’s been fun working on the coercer, and I enjoy the class a great deal. I’m still eager to get my fury up there so I can be healing again on Antonia Bayle (currently all of my healers are on Oasis) but I really am burnt out from leveling characters, so questing is a lot more fun.

Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Bonkerz says:

    There are always those types of people who make the game less enjoyable. Congrats on clearing the zone and your new ring/master.

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