Completing the Splitpaw Adventure Pack

How many people even REMEMBER the Splitpaw adventure pack that SOE put out a few years back? Fighting hordes of gnolls beneath the surface of Norrath? Yes please! Back when this adventure pack first came out, it was a huge deal. So many people were excited about it, and you could find a large number of them wandering around the lower tunnels of the Splitpaw Den.

Of course yesterday this was not the case, I didn’t see another person there at all.

Whether that has to do with the fact that the zones no longer scale above their previous limits to allow players level 70+ to participate without chronomentoring down, or for some other reason (outdated gear?)I’m not sure. I was determined to complete the series of quests and if possible obtain the two raid achievements.

It’s not just a matter of zoning into the two raid instances and killing the named, either. First you’ve got to obtain an item through your /claim window, a shard used to access the quests. You have to figure out what’s going on with the gnoll teleporters in Thundering Stepps (which really needs to be revamped, but we’ll save that for another post). Once you’ve obtained access to the upper tunnels, you fight your way to the lower ones, and then you have to complete at least four unique quests in order to earn the trust of the Splitpaw gnolls. Once THAT is done, you’ll be able to access the x2 raid zone. The reward for completing this zone is a clicky shard that allows you to walk / breath and jump under water for five minutes, unlimited charges. Finally, once THAT has been completed you’ll have access to the x4 zone. There’s an achievement for each, and even at level 90 it was difficult to finish each of them. The x2 zone requires you to split into two groups and complete puzzles for each side. I had a lot of fun with that one. The x4 involves LOTS of adds, and LOTS of things that would have made the raid easier had I known about them before hand, like lowering the armor of the boss by defeating three mobs located behind walls in the zone.

Ah well, there’s always next time. For now, at least I’ve obtained the achievements!

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath.

2 Responses to Completing the Splitpaw Adventure Pack

  1. Jaffa says:

    That damn Splitpaw quest has been sitting in my journal since the zone was released, and I’ve never managed to do the raids to get it finished.

    Have they removed the level limit now? I remember last time I tried we couldn’t get credit for completing the raids because of being too high level for the zone.

  2. Kethryl says:

    As a semi-newb to the game (playing under a year), I didn’t know how long this had been around, nor how popular it ever really was. I decided to check it out myself a few months ago, and was able to get the 4 unique quests that earn the gnolls’ trust. When I looked up the next quest, I read about the splitting into two part, and quickly realized it would be a long time before I ever tried to tackle that. The guild I’m in (and help run) isn’t yet to the point of doing organized raids yet (but we are getting there, and I love the guildies to death, so I’m not even tempted to leave). I eagerly await the day that we are ready to raid, as from what I read previously, and what you’ve posted here, it sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!

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