Rare Books (Rp Story – How I gained my 300th player-written book)

(( These events actually happened in game, which was pretty unusual and awesome to me. It was yet another reminder of why I love to play on the Antonia Bayle server, and why this game is so unique to me. Enjoy! ))

It is 12:33pm of Darkday, Deadening 8, of the year 3838

I sit alone in my home, on the floor of my library. The musty scent of books may be offensive to some but to me it represents life. Life of those past by, life of Norrath. The words wash over me and I lose myself in them and forget the troubles that I have been faced with as of late. I have had a few incredible things happen to which I feel almost as though Tunare has reached down and blessed me personally. This may be silly, but it makes me smile. To start it off I have been given an amazing collection of history, donated by one Shivarkah. The collection spans 21 books total, including the introduction. The selected works are the History of the Viswords, and are still in progress, but are amazing none the less. It took me several hours to make my way through the books and I dare say I devoured them much like one would a particularly delicious meal.

My good fortune did not end there. I have had numerous other donations, some from people far away. I am still waiting on a delivery of four books from Sigrdrifa, and I had another donation from a gentleman named Miache. My collection  is one of the best in Norrath, and I do not say that to boast but rather out of awe.

Were those the only good fortunes to befall upon me it would still make for an exciting day – and yet there is more. I received a letter from one Turan, who I had never heard of before this day. His letter claimed that I was in possession of a particularly rare book, written in a language that few speak. The title translates loosely to “The Codex of Forgotten Virtue” and comes in a series. I own book four, and he owns a few others. He asked if I would be willing to sell this book, or perhaps make him a copy of it.

Those who know me realize that parting with any of the selections of my library is not an idea I will even entertain, and thus I spent the evening carefully penning down the exact words from the copy that I possessed, and mailed him the copy of what I own. He in turn sent me back copies of his four, which I carefully added to my library.

An odd story perhaps but one worth telling. It is not only great battles that others deserve to hear of, but the simpler things about my life in Norrath that some times bring me the greatest joy.

That was my adventure from yesterday. I was closing in on 270 player-written books and posted on the EQ2players.com forums that I was searching for donations to my player-written library. While I did not have a HUGE amount of response, I did get a few and it was incredible and made my day. The in game mail from Turan (who I do not know) was especially awesome. Just one more reason why I love playing this game.

** EDIT ** received a note from Turan who mentions that the book I own is written in a language called Gargish, and he has been using an online dictionary to copy it out and translate it. How absolutely awesome is that? http://www.uo.com/archive/gargoyle/

4 Responses to Rare Books (Rp Story – How I gained my 300th player-written book)

  1. stargrace says:

    There are, but I don’t think they’d be written out in a Gargoyle language.

  2. Niall says:

    There are virtues in EQ2 as well.

    The Eight Virtues of Marr:

    From Erollisi:

    From Mithaniel:

  3. Jesder says:

    Old Ultima lore :) http://www.uoguide.com/Virtues

    I miss UO.

    Nice collection so far.

  4. Awesome story. :D I want a collection of books too! :D

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