Making A House A Home

It’s not that surprising that like a lot of players out there, when I’m not out adventuring or doing old quest chains (which is what I tend to do a lot of the time) I enjoy decorating. Making “my” own personal space in the game, even if it is just in an instanced home (or guild hall) that 99% of the player population will never see. It’s something I pride myself on (as anyone who has been a long time reader of this blog knows) and something that I greatly enjoy.

Lately I’ve been working on making the guild hall on Antonia Bayle seem more like a home, and less like a massive empty hall. While Oasis hosts my T1 hall (Dragon’s Flight) Antonia Bayle is home of my T2 guild hall, Torrent Knights (random tangent, whoever decided to create the guild “The Knights Torrent” a month or so ago, I’m flattered, but dislike that our names are so similar). The T2 hall is GIANT compared to the T1 hall, and while I do enjoy it quite a bit it also means a LOT more space to work with to try and design it into something.

Downstairs has been fairly simple, there are a number of smaller rooms clustered around one ‘central’ room, sort of like bedrooms. Each one has been designated to the founding members of TK (who also happen to be members of Nostalgia for those who remember from EQ1) so that entire floor is mostly taken care of. The ‘entrance’ is pretty self explanatory, and I’ve set aside a room for a library. We’ve also got a crafting area, and other NPCs set up like broker, banker, etc.

That still leaves one entire (rather large) side of the hall to decorate, and I have not decided what to do with this portion yet. I also have to keep in mind that there are a few other people who use the hall, so it’s not just about what I want to see, but what would everyone enjoy.

Coming up with these plans and ideas for decorating is something that really pulls me into a game, and makes it my own. In order for a game to have ‘staying’ power, I really need these personal little touches to draw me in. Something unique, so that I can call it my own.

How about you?

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