Mana-Tombs and other Instances

Inching my way up through the 60’s is pretty slow, but it’s also due to my reluctance to use the LFD tool too much. Number one, I don’t want to get burnt out from running dungeons, and number two since I play a heal spec’d priest these dungeons can be VERY FRUSTRATING. I’ve been working on smaller things I can do to improve my healing without using addons that do the healing (and curing) for me. We all know they exist but that’s not what I’m interested in, I want to actually play the game.

Yesterday was my first time through Mana-Tombs, and (what little I managed to see of it when I wasn’t massively healing everyone and watching those health bars) any new zones is incredibly difficult for me the first time around because I’m never sure exactly what to expect. This zone in particular was more annoying (each zone has something annoying about it) due to some Terrors that like to fear, and dots I have to constantly cure, as well as mana drains. I’ve been using oils on my weapon for mana regen, as well as stocking up on mana potions when ever I can, and of course drinking in between pulls. So far it’s been going fairly well. Since my return to WoW I think we’ve only actually wiped once or twice, and a few people have died for whatever reason (like standing in the fire of a dragon). My most difficult challenge so far has been trying to keep people aside from the tank alive. What I mean is, typically the group set up is tank (warrior Manos), and a combination of DK / Paladin / Mages. Then the plate wearing dpsers think they can tank, and run off and pull, or taunt, or do something else to give themselves agro at the same time as the actual tank. Unlike EQ2 where I have three single target heals and two group heals as well as two emergency heals, I have ONE group heal (that takes an incredibly long time to cast) and a selection of single target heals as well as wards and death preventions.

I lost out on a roll for a pair of really nice boots, but at least there were no deaths, and I got to see a new zone. I find dungeons much more stressful higher level but they also have a lot less rude people in them (or so has been my experience so far). I tend to get instances with people I have already grouped with before, and that also helps me prepare to heal them. Healing in different MMOs may not be that drastically different, but finding out how to work everything extra to your advantage is and that’s what keeps me playing them.

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  1. Steve says:

    I’m not sure by what you mean by “addon that do the healing (and curing) for me”. Back in the day those existed, yes, but it’s been a very long time since and addon could some anywhere near that level of automation. I use Grid with Clique for healing; Grid shows the party’s status in a compact format that’s quick to scan, and Clique lets me heal by clicking on unit frames. The decision making process, who to heal, what heal to use, when to heal, is entirely my responsibility. All the addons do is remove the artificial inefficiency and difficulty caused by the default UI.

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