One Jump Away

Pictured above are my Retriever (main account) and my Iteron V (2nd account) – headed to their last destination together before I finish manufacturing my Hulk. That’s right, my 8th attempt at a blueprint was met with success as yesterday I finally managed to invent a hulk blueprint. As soon as it was done I headed to an open assembly line so that I could manufacture the ship – and in 3 hours I’ll be the proud new owner. In 6 hours, I’ll be able to fly it. For those who may not understand my excitement think about your favorite piece of gear. The one that you’ve always wanted, but that took you an incredibly long time and effort to obtain. In EVE, ships are ‘gear’ and I’ve been working towards this ‘piece’ for three months now. It took me 28 days to train the final skill I needed (mining barge V) and now that I have room in my queue I’m not even sure what I want to work on next.

I’m incredibly excited about my first adventures with the hulk, and I plan on capturing the moment with GameCam once I’m up and flying. I’ll be sure to post it here, because. Well, because we geeks are simply like that.

Fly safe!

2 Responses to One Jump Away

  1. stargrace says:

    I’ve been mining in the retriever for months now, I can do 3 Modulated strip miner II’s, the 2 mining laser upgrades, my combat drones, the specialized crystals for ore, I’m working on refining and processing now. :)

  2. Magson says:

    Have you got all your tanking skills up? Hulks are prime targets for suicide ganking, after all.

    Your capacitor can handle a full rack of Modulated Strip Miner II’s? And what about the specialized crystals for the type(s) or ore you want to mine? Your rig skills are sufficient for what you’ll be wanting to put on the ship? Your fitting skills are up to putting the 3 MSM II’s, 2 Mining Laser Upgrades, plus your midslot tank? Mining drones won’t really help a Hulk, so you want combat drones for defense, not only from players but from belt rats — can you field 5 T2 drones?

    How are your navigation skills? Got your agility and speed maxed out so you can at least try to GTFO if a suicide ganker shows up?

    I’m sure you’ve still got a lot to train just on the Hulk, much less “the next big thing.” ;-)

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