Perhaps an Orca?

Mining may not be something you particularly enjoy in EVE Online, but for some, it represents exactly what we want to do in game. Sure, it’s a little boring. It’s also quiet, and fairly painless, and doesn’t exactly require a LOT of concentration. Now that I have my hulk (remember I’m a highsec miner) I can set myself to a particular asteroid belt or a location with some ore that Kasul has located, and set myself working without too much hassle. Since I have dual monitors I typically have EVE running in one and whatever else I’m up to in the other monitor. I do have to beware of people looking to ‘suicide gank’ me as it’s called, and be ready to run if I notice anyone suddenly targeting me – but aside from that it’s a very calming and relaxing way to spend my time in game. Not to mention it’s something I can do practically all day long as I work on my main monitor and quietly mine on the second. What exactly am I saving up for? Well of course I have some plans!

My second account is currently finishing off drones V, and then will be working towards using heavy drones. She’s using mediums in the Dominix (which I adore might I add) and then once that is all taken care of and I have it fit as well as I’d like, I decided I’m going to work towards flying an Orca. Whether or not I want to attempt to build one or instead just purchase one I haven’t decided. I do think it will be a great addition to my hulk, and I’m pretty excited about flying one.

It will take me 66 days to train for the Orca, and a lot longer to be able to afford one, and fit one. Compare this to my main account which would be able to fly one in less then a month – it’s mostly due to that mining barge V skill that takes so long to learn. I haven’t quite made up my mind on what I want to train next on my second account, so we’ll just have to see. In the mean time I’m still having an incredible amount of fun, and I surprise myself daily that I’m so interested in a sci fi game when I have never taken any interest in the genre as a whole. I suppose stranger things have happened!

Fly safe!

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