First Epics

Finally, yesterday I managed to reach level 70 with my very first WoW character, my priest. I had saved up quite a collection of gear to wear once I had hit the level, so I eagerly put it all on – including my very first three ‘epic’ pieces of gear, the Primal Mooncloth set that I crafted myself with the help of some massive farming from Manos. It felt really good to be wearing gear that was an enormous upgrade that I had crafted myself, instead of something I bought from the broker or was handed to me in a dungeon.

Once I hit 70 I was pretty tired, so I didn’t really do too much. I picked up my new spells (which cost a grand total of 100g, ouch) and put a bunch of items on broker. One thing I’ve noticed is that items from 60-70 barely sell unless it’s food. Lower level items sell very well (and always have) but it’s typically better for me just to disenchant an item instead of trying to sell it. I also managed to inch my shaman up to level 47, and part way through. I went to Sunken Temple which was my first time in the zone. Well, not exactly my first time in the zone, I had tried to solo it once before but that didn’t go too well. It was probably for the best, as I would have never known what to do to begin with. I’ve also been trying to get my enchanting up there. It’s slow, I haven’t quite reached the 400 mark yet but I’m hoping to before too long. My cooking is now capped at 450, my first skill to what is the current max level.

That’s where things stand for now! Only 10 more levels to go and I’ll be at the current cap – this is the closest I’ve ever been, and it’s quite an odd feeling. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to First Epics

  1. stargrace says:

    I’ve been doing the Dalaran daily cooking quests, since mid 60’s – always found it silly that I could get them before I could get the ones from Shattrah. I spent my awards on 6 new recipes, and since I do a LOT of fishing, was able to already have the spices and fish on hand, hehe. Manta ray stuff sells for oodles!

  2. Rob says:

    You hit 450 cooking … at 70? Wow. I didnt hit 450 cooking until I was 80 and got into the Dalaran cooking daily quests to save up for the Chef’s Hat. :)

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