Win Yourself a New Prowler Mount!

*************** CONTEST IS OVER – CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS ******************

It’s contest time once again! If you didn’t get lucky enough to win one of the copies of Sentinel’s Fate I gave away in February, maybe you’ll have better luck this time! The contest is simple:

What would you name your new prowler?

– One entry per person, leave a comment on this site with an ACTIVE email address (in other words, one I can write back to you at with the code).

– Be as creative (or uncreative) as you want, if there’s a backstory with this name then please feel free to include it!

– Entries will be accepted until June 1st, so you’ve got some time to think of a name

– I’ll be picking five winners and announcing them here on MmoQuests, and emailing winners, so be sure to check back!

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Then check out this post over on EQ2players which explains how the market place has added a new mount to the collection of items for sale. They look pretty amazing! A huge thank you to a mysterious dark elf who provided me with the keys to give out to MmoQuests readers! Snogs!

Any questions? Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or comment below.

Good luck everyone!

39 Responses to Win Yourself a New Prowler Mount!

  1. Whitedhalia says:

    Cecil Marmalade ……………personifies the cat

  2. Coercerz says:


    Sort of an evil sounding mysterious name, i think it would really go great with these mounts because of how they look and the name seems to just meld into the whole mounts evil vibe to it. This was my first ever EQ2 character names and everyone always calls me Grim instead of any of my other characters, and i researched evil elf names years ago and somehow came up with this, thats how this whole name came about.

  3. Elrohan says:

    I used to work at Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach Fla. and I was one of the people that cared for the big cats. At one point we had several females give birth to cubs all within a week of each other and the nursery was completely full so some of us took cubs home to care for until they were old enough to be introduced back into the pride and the little male I took home I named “Makubwa” which means “The large one” in Swahili so I’ll go with that.

  4. Nick says:

    Mateo would be the name I would give. Long story, My old cat’s name was Mateo named after an indian medicine man. That cat was the meanest cat I have ever seen, he would pick who got to pet him and when ever my little sister got in his face, he would take both claws and dig them into the side of her head and pull her to him so he could bite at her face. Now normally that would be bad, but she never learned to just stay away from him lmao. Mateo ~ Ma-tai-o. would be how to pronounce it. ty

  5. Firy-perma says:

    I’d name it Fuzzball, because lets face it it looks like a fuzz ball.

  6. Kennen says:

    I’d name -HER- Allie, after my first (and most beloved) pet.
    I’ll always miss that girl… the prowler would stand in memorial of her for (norrathian) ever!

  7. Middie says:

    I would name mine Pickles. Thats the name of my rl kitty whom we found abandoned and living in a can of green paint (he looked like a big pickle). I would name it as a tribute to him, plus I think its a cute name!

  8. TheFaeFae says:

    I should name my prowler Growly. He strikes me as a sort of thing that would growl, as opposed to my loyal Warg ‘Drool-beast’.

  9. Lerris says:

    Prancer would be the name for mine. Hope I’m not to late for this.

  10. Caladwen says:

    I think I would call mine Purple Passion.

  11. I think I would choose the bluest looking Prowler mount and call him Blue Sky. I have an affinity for peaceful scenarios, so my Character’s name is Stillwater, connoting a peaceful setting. I get the feeling that calling my Prowler Blue Sky would also get that point across. :)

  12. I’d name the cat Lessanna, and give it to the Ratonga monk I’ve always intended to roll up but never actually got around to. Since I do play on an RP server, I felt like I had to have some reason for betraying with a bit more backstory than “I think Ratonga are cool unarmed fighters, but would rather play a monk than a bruiser”. The backstory that the Dark Bargainers wanted to turn the Ratonga’s unlikely pet cat into a rug would be a great story hook for leaving Neriak.

    Also, due to the irony of a tiny Ratonga riding around on a giant cat, I’m sure that the cat will learn to answer to “nice kitty, please don’t eat me”.

  13. Johnny says:

    I would call mine Dave

  14. Wiqd says:

    Many years ago in the first Everquest, my friend and I made characters starting in Freeport. Our other friend started a week or so after us and didn’t get the memo, so he started in Halas as a barbarian warrior named Brax. Rather than just reroll his character to be with us, he made the perilous journey from Halas to Freeport … at level one, to meet us. Upon his arrival in Freeport many hours later, his first action was to give each of us a snow cat’s pelt that he had “wrestled” on his adventure from one city to another. He also had a wolf’s head for a helm, which we all pretended was the head of one of the cats he killed and skinned. We don’t know how many times he died making the trip, but it didn’t matter. He had made the journey for us and it was the start of many years of wonderful adventuring in Everquest, mostly with Brax leading the charge as the crazy barbarian tank.

    In honor of Halas opening up in EQ 2 and the fond memories it stirs of our barbarian warrior friend, I would name my pet Braxus.

  15. kethdredd says:

    I shall call him ‘Squishy,’ and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.

  16. Malus says:

    I would name my trusty steed…… Spite.

  17. Austin says:

    I’d name it Blizzaro Steed, an homage to Bizarro Superman, but the warped version of Blizzard’s Celestial Steed.

  18. JesDer says:

    … Stargrace !!

  19. Cassini says:


    I would name it this for a couple reasons. First, its an epic name. Second, my main (on Unrest) is named Cassini, after the Italian astronomer who discovered several things related to Saturn, and Hyperion is one of the moons of Saturn. I try to stick with a theme, and I have named other mounts after other moons of Saturn (Titan, and Calypso). Third, Hyperion is a Gallente battleship in EVE Online which i’ve been playing for over 3 years. I cross trained into Gallente and have flown this ship and liked it a lot. Tanks like a beast. Cant wait for t2 blasters!

  20. Bill Gallagher says:

    If I got the mount I would name it muffins because 1. Muffins are frickin amazing and 2. That’s a very weak name for something as ferocious as that guy up there.

  21. RO says:

    I’d get the purple one and name her Lylac.

  22. Xubul says:

    I’d name mine Shir, take from the EQ race Vah Shir. Seemed fitting to me somehow.

  23. elofia says:


  24. Cryptopher says:

    I would name it goregasm

    Because it’s beautiful yet badass

  25. Blackice says:


  26. Bramble says:

    I’m always tempted to use Data’s choice for his first pet: Spot. I wonder how the TNG writers decided on that classic name. Maybe it was an acronym: Supine, Purring, Ornamental, Theocrat…

  27. Entrails_770 says:

    I’d call mine evie as that’s the name if my daughters cat ;-)

  28. Endelon says:


  29. Darin says:

    These guys visually inspire a sense of strength and raw force spirit with a snazzy appearance…

    Would go with…Shogun

  30. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    I would have to go with Cringer, only because Battle Cat sounds so ridiculous.

  31. Ashe says:

    I’d name mine Pearl. Pearl was my first cat I had, when I was much younger, and she was a beautiful cat with a lot of grace. Back in WoW, I used to have the white kitten follow me and named it after her as well, so it’d make sense to name another cat after her. I put her picture in my website URL so you can see her :P

  32. Anthony says:

    A friend of mine introduce me to this game recently and also into the books Forgotten Realms series “The Drow.” I currently just finish reading “Legacy of the Drow” series and my gosh it’s awesome. I really like Catti-brie (my game character is Cattbrie, name was already taken so I spelled her without and “i’). I play on Lucan DLere a roll playing server and she’s a ranger, wood-elf (I know should be human but my friend convinced me to go elf because of stat bonus). I just love the bow. The mount isn’t exactly a panther but close, if I do get it I would name it “Guenhwyvar.” I just think she should get the statue and it should be for her. I wouldn’t know if this would happen in the actual book or not but right now I’m enjoying the book + game. So I just want to believe it’ll go this way ahhahaha

    My friend actually just showed me this website too and told me go for it see if you can get anything. This is my first time here so I’ll be here for a bit since I’m still new and believe it or not I’m a WoW convert…ahhaha! Thanks for your time =)

  33. Craig says:

    I’d name it: Taser

    Smokin’ pet, looks amazing. I think of a gun when I see it, and with those eyes, reminds me of a Taser!

  34. Amanda says:

    I’d name mine Koshka.

    I typically come up with something descriptive of my character or pets and then translate it into another language so it doesn’t sound lame. Calling it Cat would be pretty boring. Calling it Koshka (Russian for cat) just sounds better. (I’ve used Koshka for characters and pets in several games including CoH and WoW, so I’m pretty fond of it).

  35. Scopique says:

    Bling. I think the name says it all.

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